Martha Wash / Something Good

Something Good

Martha Wash (born December 23, 1953) is an American singer-songwriter. Known for her distinctive and powerful voice, Wash first achieved fame as one half of the successful act Two Tons O’ Fun who sang backing for American disco singer Sylvester. After gaining their own record deal, they released three consecutive commercially successful songs which all peaked at number 2 in the dance charts. The duo was renamed The Weather Girls in 1982 after they released the multi-platinum single “It’s Raining Men“, which brought the band to mainstream pop attention.

After the disbanding in 1985, Wash made a successful transition into house music as a featured artist on several successful songs. Her success on BillboardDance chart has earned her the honorific title The Queen of Clubland, with a total of twelve number-one songs on the chart to date.

Wash is also noted for spurring legislation in the 1990s that made vocal credits mandatory on CDs and music videos after being denied proper credit and royalties for the platinum-selling number one song “Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)” after she had been labeled “unmarketable” due to her weight. In December 2016, Billboard magazine ranked her as the 58th most successful dance artist of all-time.

In January 2013, Wash released her second studio album Something Good. The album’s second single “It’s My Time” was written by Swedish singer-songwriter Helena Johansson. In March 2013, she was a special guest for the New York City Gay Men’s Chorus during their spring production “Big Gay Sing 6: Club Night Out”. In 2014, the album’s final single “I’m Not Coming Down” peaked at number two on the Dance chart.

The Analysis—-

Alright—-Even if you are not familiar with the name Martha Wash, if you have ever listened to current or 90’s dance music you know the voice. This song…is literally fantastic. Wash sounds ageless and delivers a fantastic positive message with her music. This is less dance and more mainstream, but the strength of the vocal and the addictive chorus makes it spectacular.

Destiny—-Such a brilliant vocal mastery from Martha. This is a bit deeper and more comfortable in range…but the power is still very apparent. The chorus…once again is the magic that draws you in and makes you stay for the rest of it. This is addictive as hell…delivered with practice and power. A brilliant and powerful message.

I’m Not Coming Down—-Such a gentle introduction, Wash shows a vulnerability in her vocal and lyric. The song becomes more peppy and reminds me of a David Archuleta song. This is addictive as hell…Wash maintains a comfortable Alto vocal…but the energy that flows underneath of the song is wonderful. I love this

It’s My Time—-Full of such atmosphere and emotion, the beats are not huge…the groove is missing…..but the emotion and the feeling coming out of this woman is extraordinary. I listen to the lyrics…combined with the voice and it inspires me and makes me NEED to forge on. The power of the song is driven by the voice and the message. This is just wonderful….Wash is a true legend.

I’ve Got You—-A wonderfully large arrangement of piano and strings, this track just screams emotion. Again, the lyrical message of the song is so uplifting and positive….delivered by a powerful vocal….This is wonderful. If you are looking for a dance record…try the first release…this is introspective and meant to inspire…and it does. And that voice…it is like a favorite blanket on a cold winter day.

Proud—-Stripped bare with an almost naked feel…the vocal is so present and filled with emotion. This has a wonderful melody line that becomes addictive as well as positive. This is remarkable…Martha delivers such inspiring messages…if you feel down…put this record on and you will feel better. Man, I would love to hear this woman sing in Church….the song needs no effects or beats….just the powerhouse voice of Martha.

Dream On—-How magical that Wash tackles the Aerosmith classic. The song…in feeling….fits in perfectly with the entire positive vibe of the record. The fact that this is a Tyler song does not inhibit the Master from making it her own…and indeed she does. This is a brilliant cover….Martha displays such a strong vocal…this is just fantastic.

Something Good—-Just brilliant…right from the first note. Wash phrases her words around the music and it becomes a magical wall of pure joy. I feel so uplifted listening to this. I love the tone of the voice…the music never over powers….and the purity of it all touches my soul and makes me want to dance with happiness. I really love this record.

*****out of 5