Arch Enemy / Will To Power

Will To Power [Explicit]

Will to Power is the tenth studio album by Swedish melodic death metal band Arch Enemy, released on September 8, 2017 via Century Media Records. This is the first album to feature guitarist Jeff Loomis who joined the band in November 2014. It is also the first Arch Enemy album to feature clean singing as lead vocals

The Analysis—-

Set Flame To The Night—-Immediate and high tuned, this lends a surprisingly melodic sound that leads us directly into….

The Race—-Full brutality is unleashed….the music just covers your head with the speed and urgency. You notice a slight down tempo sound as compared to earlier releases from the band…but the vocal is as magnetic and powerful as ever….leading you to wonder how the hell this chick can sing like this. Incredible…..

Blood In The Water—–A bit watered down from what I expected from this release…as if the band has grown tired of all the brutality. The guitars are still sharp and dynamic….the drums are fantastic….but the urgency of the band seems to be lagging to me. There is a remarkable melody underneath everything that I love though.

The World Is Yours—-The guitars at the onset of this track are just magnificent….the soaring notes are exquisite. The drums pummel the way through the song…and rising above the gut vocal is an incredible soaring guitar that surprises me. This is nothing what I expected…but perhaps a new direction for the band.

The Eagle Flies Alone—-The lead off single and video for the release, the intro almost reminds me of a throwback to 80’s hair Metal style….so far, this release has failed to impress me….where is the power and the intensity? The voice is in great form….it just seems the writing is really suffering and missing. The chorus is a magnificent affair…but you can’t live off 45 seconds of a song….

Reason To Believe—-I’m not going to lie…..this was a fucking shock to my system….I don’t like this at all!!!! If I wanted an alternative Evanescence….I would have bought this….what the hell is going on….the good points of the track can never outweigh this travesty….you are not Epica…..

Murder Scene—-Huge intro……followed by a fuckin brilliant vocal….the guitars literally singe my hair…This is much more what I signed up for. What is going on with this band,,,,everything seems so inconsistent as far as the sound and the initial concept goes. This goes back to the good old days….perhaps the best track on the release.

First Day In Hell—-An odd and ‘progressive’ intro to this track leaves me shaking my head in wonderment and disappointment. This sounds like a hundred bands you can find online these days….the vocal enters and redeems the song a lot…but the music is so different for me…I’m really not putting this as something I would listen to on a regular basis. I’m upset…..

Saturine—-Where did the brutality go? This gentle sweet intro shit is ridiculous. Even when the guitars and vocals open up…I’m not even 75% convinced that the band even cares anymore. This is lacking vision….brutality,,,purpose and meaning. I can’t stand this release! If you thought all of these progressive sounds would propel you forward… took many steps back….

Dreams Of Retribution—-A bit better of a track for me……but this damn pervading ‘progressive’ sound keeps trying to creep in….what the hell happened to this band?

My Shadow And I—-All of this preposterous grandiosity is for the freakin birds….I find it very hard to even try to get through this disaster of a record…..who ever is making decisions for this band needs a firm shake. This is nice….for a few seconds…..but this is not the fans band….this is lackluster and uninspired.

A Fight I Must Win——Nice at certain moments……the voice sometimes gives me hope….but the swirls of nonsense in the background is ridiculous…..and the repetitive chorus……really…not enough words……horrible.

Cry Baby Attacked By Rats—-Nice and punky…..of course no one in the band wrote it…..the only track I would pay attention to twice.

* out of 5





Jasta / The Lost Chapters


The Lost Chapters [Explicit]

Jamey Jasta (born James Vincent Shanahan; August 7, 1977)[1] is an American musician from New Haven, Connecticut, best known as the lead vocalist of the metalcore band Hatebreed and sludge metal band Kingdom of Sorrow. Jasta also fronts metalcore band Icepick.

Jasta owns Stillborn Records, a hardcore and metal-based record label from West Haven, and “rock themed apparel” line called Hatewear.

In 2011, Jasta released a solo album entitled Jasta, collaborating with Randy Blythe and Mark Morton (Lamb of God), Zakk Wylde, Philip Labonte (All That Remains), and Tim Lambesis (As I Lay Dying).

Jasta was the host for MTV‘s Headbanger’s Ball from 2003–2007.

Jasta created the music for “Stat of the Day” for the nationally syndicated radio and TV talk show, The Dan Patrick Show. Jasta appeared on air with Dan Patrick on January 25, 2013 discussing the making of the song.

He follows a straight edge lifestyle but does not identify with its subculture.

The Lost Chapters is the second solo effort from Jasta.

The Analysis—-

This Is Your Life—-Chugging out of your speakers from the first second, there is just the right amount of sludge and Hatebreed style vocals to appeal to everyone. Delivering the classic positive lyrical message that belies the intensity of the music, the intermittent clean vocals on the chorus are really nice. This is a huge song.

Parasitic—-Deep and dense in sound, Jasta actually sings a bit here rather than the usual constant screaming. the chorus is damn contagious and serves as a nice hold over until the next proper Hatebreed release. The clean melodic vocal on the chorus is actually damn pleasant. I love when Jasta actually sings. This is great!

The Same Flame—-Coming out f the speakers with sharp and aggressive bursts of energy, the vocal is classic. The ‘chorus’ seems to be an over layed band effort…words and melody coming from all directions but the heavy bass guitar and drums are never diminished throughout. Fantastic!

Back To What Matters—-Slower in tempo with a more present higher tuned lead guitar, Jasta enters with his maniacal vocal delivering line after line of life affirming messages. Again, the strong part of the song lies in the melodic clean styled chorus….this has that magic ability to stick in your head for quite sometime. Really nice….a favorite track of mine.

Until We Bleed Again—-Returning to a more aggressive sound…peppered with blistering machine gun styled bass and drums, the chorus is a big sing along affair that is going to play live very well. I still find it amazing that Jamey can scream and holler like this endlessly without hurting his voice. This is another extraordinary track…..even if just for the chorus.

Chasing Demons featuring Howard Jones—-Melodic and toned down a bit on the aggressive scale right at the onset, Jasta’s vocal always take a song to that other level though. The guest vocal from Jones is intense…the clean style melodic chorus’s on this release are unforgettable and makes every song threaten to live in your head for a time. Another standout track!

The Immortal—-From the very first strains of this track, I knew it was going to become another favorite. Opening up with the clean, melodic style chorus instead of the death yells, this gives a whole fresh dimension to the recipe of the band. The breaks in the song allow for a soaring higher tuned lead guitar that gives the song huge body and likability. I really like this release!

Deadly Business—-Back to aggression with a vengeance, the vocal right from the very beginning reminds me so much of Slayer I look to see what is playing! This is a track that is actually sung most of the time….with gigantic crushing bass lines and crazy drums….all accompanied by the sing song vocal that sucks you in.

Buried Alive—-Again, this closing track open up with a surprisingly accessible vocal that is more melody than screaming and thrashing about. With a nod to pure Sabbath style vocal delivery, I am again amazed and incredibly disappointed that this release is so short. This is a must have if you are a Hatebreed fan! They do this cover justice…..I love the cover version.

****3/4 out of 5
 1994 Metal Album Of The Year—-Pantera / Far Beyond Driven

Far Beyond Driven [Explicit]

Far Beyond Driven is the seventh studio album by American heavy metal band Pantera, released on March 22, 1994 by EastWest Records. The album is Pantera’s fastest-selling album. The album peaked at number 1 on the Billboard 200 and was certified Platinum by the RIAA. Also, the album was certified Platinum by the Canadian Recording Industry Association. Far Beyond Driven is the first album by Pantera where the band’s guitarist Darrell Abbott is credited as “Dimebag Darrell”, having changed his nickname from “Diamond Darrell” soon after Vulgar Display of Power was released. The Japanese and the Driven Downunder Tour ’94 Souvenir Collection editions contain a bonus thirteenth track, “The Badge”, a Poison Idea cover. This cover was also featured on The Crow soundtrack.

The Analysis—-

Strength Beyond Strength—-From the very second you hit play. you are pummeled by not only an aggressive vocal…but the band…seems so much larger and filled with an urgency that literally leaves you collapsed on the floor. Anselmo sounds possessed with his vocal….out of control and mad as hell. The energy is incredible….and scary!

Becoming—-Seeming to meld from one track right to the other, Anselmo sounds a bit more grounded with his vocal on this track. The vocal comes at you from every direction….sometimes pleasant as hell….other times seeming to be possessed by some demon we are not privy to. The band is so well in tune….it literally wraps itself around the vocal…fitting right in with the aggressive vocal.

5 Minutes Alone—-Never giving you a second to catch your breath. the band literally leaps from one song right into the other. Phil comes forward with his vocal…deep and smacking you right up side the head with a venom and anger that you can’t run from. The yells sometimes seem to come right from the center of his being…..just incredible.

I’m Broken—-Huge, fantastic power chords introduce the track. The drums are just incredible. Phil has a bit of a double track vocal…it gives the song a very full feel…but wonder how it played live. The vocal delivery is just incredible…full of venom and anger…desperation and a slight pleading underneath it all. This is heavy…intense and full of a darkness even the bright guitars can’t escape from.

Good Friends And A Bottle Of Pills—-What an incredible bass line intro!!!! And the effects of the song leave you a bit off kilter and wondering what the hell is going on. The vocal enters with a spoken word filth that leaves you a bit removed from the intensity of the previous tracks. This is a literal noise fest that i really never gelled with.This is just pure noise with no structure.

Hard lines, Sunken Cheeks—-Again. a nice fuzzy bass line introduces the song but is joined by the brightness of the guitars. The drums are smack in the center of your forehead as the plodding intro seems to last forever. Then Phil burst forward spitting lines after lines of venom. The drums remain right there though…so in your face you almost get whiplash. I can take or leave the vocal…but the band and their performance… on point!

Slaughtered—-Huge blasts of guitars serve as the introduction to this track. Anselmo, again delivers a vocal that differs so little from other songs it all begins to sound the same. It is the magic that the band has that makes this listenable for me. The drums are stellar…the guitars come at you like machine guns. The voice is just fuzz in the whole affair…..I have never heard the band sound better.

25 Years—-Clearer and with a friendlier sound at the onset of the song, the band is in such great form…right sown to the cow bell in the back drop of the song. When the deep bass elements of the song come into play it is like listening to early Sabbath on speed. The noise and the wall of sound wraps around your head and just squeezes. This is fantastic.

Shedding Skin—-Again with the incredible drum and bass line at the onset of the track. Everything seems to fall away to introduce an odd vocal beginning…but the band comes back alive…as dos the vocal. Lines seem to overlap lines….and the song is really one of the most accessible tracks on this release…aggressive but rather listenable…giving some substance and showing how ell practiced the band is.

Use My Third Arm—-Really aggressive….both lyrically and vocally…the bass line is played so incredibly fast and the drums come at you right out of the best Death bands. The vocal…I can take or leave…Phil wears me out after awhile…not like many of the Hardcore bands I like. There is just so little variance in his delivery…it is like one huge long song from him. it is the mastery of the band that makes this release tolerable for me….these are great musicians.

Throes Of Rejection—-The rhythm section leads the song off right from the very onset……giving everything a dark and ominous tone. Even the strong clear lines of guitars never take away from the deeper tones of the song. The band is literally magnificent on this release…Phil just seems to appear and scream for the most part. I could listen to a instrumental version of this release forever.

Planet Caravan—-Delivered with a musical finesse that leaves me in awe, even the vocal is rather acceptable. I’m amazed at this cover…one of the best I have heard. This closing track leaves me with a much better taste in my mouth than did most of the release. It just seemed to me…that most of this recording found Phil out of control…the band was tight as hell…but he was everywhere else.

***3/4 out of 5

 1992 Metal Album Of The Year—-Pantera / Vulgar Display Of Power

Vulgar Display Of Power [Explicit]

Pantera was an American heavy metal band from Arlington, Texas. The group was formed in 1981 by the Abbott brothers – drummer Vinnie Paul and guitarist Dimebag Darrell – along with vocalist Terry Glaze. Bassist Rex Brown joined the band the following year, replacing the original unofficial bass guitarist Tommy D. Bradford. Having started as a glam metal band, Pantera released four albums during the 1980s. Looking for a new and heavier sound, Pantera replaced Glaze with Phil Anselmo in late 1986 and released Power Metal in 1988. With its fifth album, 1990’s Cowboys from Hell, Pantera introduced a groove metal sound. Pantera’s sixth album, 1992’s Vulgar Display of Power, exhibited an even heavier sound. Far Beyond Driven (1994) debuted at number one on the Billboard 200.

Tensions began to surface among the band members when Anselmo became addicted to heroin in 1995; he almost died from an overdose in 1996. These tensions resulted in the recording sessions for The Great Southern Trendkill (1996) being held separately. The ongoing tension lasted for another seven years, during which only one studio album, Reinventing the Steel (2000), was recorded. Pantera went on hiatus in 2001, but was disbanded by the Abbott brothers in 2003 amid communication problems and their conclusion that Anselmo would not return to the band.

The Abbott brothers went on to form Damageplan, while Anselmo continued work on several side projects, including Down in which Rex Brown joined as well. On December 8, 2004, Dimebag Darrell was shot and killed on stage by a mentally unstable fan during a Damageplan concert in Columbus, Ohio, permanently ending hopes for a reunion.

Vulgar Display of Power is the sixth studio album by the American heavy metal band Pantera, released on February 25, 1992 through Atco Records. One of the most influential heavy metal albums of the 1990s, Vulgar Display of Power has been described as “one of the defining albums of the groove-metal genre”. Several songs from this release have become some of the band’s best known, such as “Mouth for War“, “A New Level“, “Walk“, “Fucking Hostile”, and “This Love“.

The Analysis—-

Mouth For War—-Musically powerful from the very first note, this release really introduced me to the band the mix of melody and hardcore music it was delivering. Phil sounds literally possessed with his vocal….rising above the power of the band to deliver line after line of lyrics that make you afraid and think at the same time. This was extraordinary to see live…I remember this show well.

A New Level—-Deeper in tone and full of an aggressive bass line, this track is brutal. The sharp blast of guitars are perfectly evened out with the bass line and the drum delivery. Phil delivers a vocal that spits venom and reminds me of Jasta from Hatebreed. The melody of the song is always present though… your head something to groove to.

Walk—-With a remarkable groove from the rhythm section of the band, this was a taste of the hardcore to come in the later 90’s. Phil has such an aggressive gives the song much more of an edge than the music gives it. He sings with an underlying anger and venom that is incredible. This track makes me feel 10 feet tall.

Fucking Hostile—-Brutal and filled with an undeniable anger from the first notes, Anselmo enters with his vocal and takes things to an even higher level. The music is fast…almost an ode to the Thrash bands that opened doors for this type of harder edged music.  This is incredible…the instrumentation is incredible…the energy palatable and the aggression undeniable.

This Love—-The intro to this song seems shocking after the previous track…..the intricate melody line and the sweet and sincere vocal so different from the earlier songs. The band is so tight…well rehearsed and ready to allow the song to explode at the chorus….this is just fantastic….making me want to shove my hands to the sky and give the finger to everybody that has hurt me.

Rise—-Coming back at a blistering pace with this track, the drums threaten to blow the top of your head off. The steam that is produced by this song fills your entire cerebellum. Phil enters with a vocal that spits anger and venom…disgust and putrid feelings. This is fast….blazing and searing….a true triumph.

No Good [Attack The Radical]—-Almost predictable in sound, the outstanding thing from the very onset of this track are the stellar drums on the song. Phil comes and goes with his vocal…sometimes almost whispering and other times threatening to toss his vocal box on the floor. There is a nice melody line in the chorus…but it disappears as soon as it comes along.

Live In A Hole—-Again, the rhythm section of this band really gives the sound a full body and groove to the music. The drums are so strong….the sharp bass lines are unforgettable. The vocal….strong as always..suffers at this point in the record….sounding to much the same as on every song…there is little variation. I like when the chorus kicks in and there is some variance. I get tired of hearing Phil scream all the time….sorry.

Regular People [Conceit]—-Huge drums open the song along with a fantastic bass line that propels everything to an energetic melody line that runs underneath everything. There is a fantastic rhythmic quality to the song that makes you almost groove along….one of my favorite tracks here…..musically.

By Demons Be Driven—-Blast from every direction swirl around your head as you listen to the opening of this track. The song seems to be layered with aggression at every turn. Phil enters with his vocal and delivers more of the same…I just find his vocal delivery a bit tiring after a bit. I like this…musically it’s stellar….vocally…it’s very repetitive.

Hollow—-Ending the release with a bit of a game changing melody. its nice to hear a variance in the music finally….not only the music…the voice is actually delivered with melody and an actual singing tone. The song is a very big surprise…the melody is outstanding…you never lose the power chords or the drums…but you end on a note that does not leave you as tired as you were at the last song. Well placed and well played.

**** out of 5

Satyricon / Satryicon


Satyricon is a Norwegian black metal band, formed in 1991 in Oslo. Satyr and Frost have been the band’s core members since 1993. The band’s first three albums typify the Norwegian black metal style. Since its fourth album in 1999, the band has strayed from this style and included elements of traditional heavy metal in their sound. Satyricon was the first Norwegian black metal band to join a multi-national record label (EMI).

Satyricon is the eighth studio album by Norwegian black metal band Satyricon. It is their first topping VG-lista, the official Norwegian Albums Chart. It was released throughout Europe on 9 September 2013, and released on 17 September 2013 in USA and Canada.

The Analysis—-

Voice Of Shadows—-I was a late comer to this band…but have now collected every release thus far. this sounds, at the onset a little subdued and less produced than the last two release. I find myself thinking the band has started to sound a bit more Industrial in sound on this release. The music is dark….but the melody on this track is almost catchy and pure. I long for the days of Now, Diabolical.

Tro Og Kraft—-Again, the rhythm section drives the feel of this track….Satyr enters with his evil sounding vocal and gives the song a bit more credibility. The record to me…has a hollow sound to it…like production could have been much better. The big sound of the last few releases in missing.

Our World, It Rumbles Tonight—-This just seems to be a mish mash of different sounds all mashed together in one song. You have the sometimes heavy feel from Satyricon, intermediate Orchestration here and there….combined with keyboards and some phenomenal drums…which I love. The form of the band seems to be struggling and a bit lost though.

Nocturnal Flare—-Beginning with a nice epic aggression, the song ebbs away into a more funeral feel as it tries to take shape. The one constant are the drums…but the effects seem to even stifle them a bit. This is such a long intro I almost lose enthusiasm. Satyr enters with his vocal…not a growl and not clean…but enough of a difference to catch my attention. Sometimes he sounds a bit pissed off…which I really like….but the shifting musical sounds are unorganized and without passion.

Phoenix—-A huge blast of aggression and rhythm greets me as this track begins….leading me back down the path of Black Metal i so love. the drums are awesome…the guest vocal from Sivert Hoyem is a surprise and an almost shock as the clear and concise vocal greets you. I love the rhythm of the song…but the purity of Black Metal is compromised in my opinion.

Walker Upon The Wind—-Beginning huge and epic in sound, the aggression is remarkable and makes me smile. This is what i wanted from the beginning. The music is fast…maniacal and the vocal comes at you in a pissed off manner that makes you draw your breath inward. This is fantastic…one of the best tracks on this release!

Nekrohaven—-Again, the aggression seems to be back to a point. The rhythm section leads the entire pace of the song, while the vocal appears to be run through a filter that makes me think of Ministry or some band in the Industrial music field. I like this……but the direction of the band seems to be faltering…so….I hear they are not recording any longer together…perhaps this loss of direction is why. This track is pretty awesome though….full of dark imagery.

Ageless Northern Spirit—-This again, has a muted feel to the music and the vocal that speaks to me of lack of production value. This track should have…and could have been epic if properly mixed and produced. I hate to see a band dissolve into mediocrity like this.

The Infinity Of Time And Space—- Moody and sounding a bit mainstream at the onset, Satyr delivers a vocal that breaks the spell a bit. The deep growling delivery is broken by a melodic guitar that crashes me enthusiasm for the track…making me wonder….what the fuck happened to this band? I’m sorry to see them go….but the creativity seems to have come to an end.

Natt—-I hate to say it, but I welcome the end to this rather lackluster release. I remain disappointed and know for a fact i will not grab this record to listen to on even a casual basis. all the integrity of the middle period of the band has dissolved and gone by the wayside. I guess for everyone there must be a new chapter…this band is ready for one….book closed!

** out of 5


In darkness
The above
Son of a tornado
He lies in the slumber of (dark) clouds

Born by a thought
He flies through the thunder of wars

Ultimate destroyer
Unspeakable avenger
Walker upon the wind
Hunting, piercing
(The) ultimate, roaring
Walker upon the wind

Son of a tornado
He lies in the slumber of (dark) clouds
Mourned, feared, adored
Accursed one, torn one, marked one

Ultimate destroyer
Unspeakable avenger
Walker upon the wind
Hunting, piercing
(The) ultimate, roaring
Walker upon the wind



Whitechapel / Mark Of The Blade

Mark of the Blade

Whitechapel is an American deathcore band from Knoxville, Tennessee. The band is named after the Whitechapel district in East London, England, referencing the series of murders committed by Jack the Ripper. The group comprises vocalist Phil Bozeman, guitarists Ben Savage, Alex Wade, and Zach Householder, bassist Gabe Crisp, and drummer Ben Harclerode. Founded in 2006 by Bozeman and Savage, the band has released six studio albums, eleven music videos and are currently signed to Metal Blade Records.

The Analysis—-

The Void—-Not a band to pull out of the collection for a casual listen on a Sunday afternoon, Whitechapel brings intensity and brutality to everything it produces. The band is TIGHT! You are pummeled by the drums…the walls of guitars and the vocal that threatens to pierce your brain at every angle. Just incredible….every song is a journey.

Mark Of The Blade—-The band as a whole, has progressed in sound and style since the onset of their career. The music…although still brutal and smashing in force is more accessible than previous releases. The pure pummel of sound has progressed to a more organized chaos that is more pleasant. The vocals are clearer….still not sure how he can sing like this song after song. This track has an almost catchy melody/chorus that unbelievably tends to stick in your brain. I like this track a lot.

Elitist One—-Kicking off with a nice melodic bass line, the drums are front and center on this track and again, you notice the melody line running underneath the layer of noise. The vocal is so intense it shakes my very core as the song progresses. The guitars soar…with a nice sound further back in the mix. The musical breaks give the song more body…..allowing you to catch your breath here and there. The most accessible Whitechapel to date.

Bring Me Home—-In a somewhat shocking turn of events, this acoustic beginning of the song is in such sharp contrast to what you have been subjected to you wonder if this is the same band. Bozeman shocks you with a clean and melodic vocal that is superb….and then…..enter mayhem. This is a fantastic track…..a very pleasant surprise…offering a more alternative sounding track that shows the talent and scope of the band. Just fantastic!

Tremors—-Returning to a more familiar sound, you notice on this track that the vocal seems very upfront and the growls a bit clearer. You can actually catch some of the venom that is spit….while the drums pummel your brain and very core. The double tracked vocal gives the song a full sound….this is really a pretty great release.The breaks in the aggression are fantastic…..showing the sheer talent of the band.

A Killing Industry—-Coming out of a fog with a chainsaw guitar delivery and drums from hell, the beginning of this track sounds very chaotic and unorganized. The vocals come at you at a blistering speed…..and the manipulations of the voice reminds me of Static X. The thing that is undeniable is the melody though….this is just out mayhem…there is a structure underneath everything going on.

Tormented—-Yet another surprise introduction to this track…sounding more organized and structured. The bass line is so strong…the drums more staccato than all out pounding your head in the cement.The vocal sounds a bit subdued even…..but the aggression is still intact. The lyrics are intense….leading me to believe this is a rather personal song. Really great.There is a bit of lyrical torment to this track…..making it quite relate able. During the bridge the guitars soar……wow!!!

Brotherhood—-And here…..another surprise. A beautiful acoustic guitar intro on a Spanish sounding guitar makes room for drums from hell to break the peace and quiet as the pummel continues. The guitars literally soar…this is fantastic. The song has nice ebbs and flows in the delivery….taking you on a journey all of its own. This is fantastic….a great track that shows the versatility and talent of the band….if you needed reminding. A fantastic instrumental interlude.

Dwell In The Shadows—-The silence and beauty of the previous track is smashed to bits as the band gets back to business as usual. The vocal comes at you brutally fast and filled with an anger that shakes your core. The nice thing, again, is the melody that runs through the entire thing…sucking you in and allowing the song to find a place in your brain for awhile. That is the magic of a great band.

Venomous—-A great guitar intro that sends you spiraling with the sound, quiets a bit to allow for the vocal. the drums……delivered at a blistering speed in the forefront of the song spurns Bozeman to sing even faster and faster. This is incredible….100% aggression and power….the best way to obliterate pent up aggression and anger…..this helps to remove me from my dark places.

Decennium—-Coming out of a dark fog, this begins much like every other track…the surprise is coming….the song makes way for clean vocals and a damn melodic chorus that makes you shake your head in awe. This is a fantastic release…I hope the band continues to experiment and grow in this new direction. This is incredible…..I love it!

**** out of 5

Gorgoroth / Instinctus Bestialis

Instinctus Bestialis

Gorgoroth is a Norwegian black metal band based in Bergen. It was formed in 1992 by guitarist Infernus, who is also the only original member remaining, and the band have since released nine studio albums. Gorgoroth are a Satanic band and have drawn controversy due to some of their concerts, which have featured impaled sheep heads and mock crucifixions. The band is named after the dead plateau of darkness in the land of Mordor from J. R. R. Tolkien‘s fantasy novel The Lord of the Rings.

Instinctus Bestialis is the ninth full-length studio album by Norwegian black metal act Gorgoroth. It was released on June 8, 2015 by Soulseller Records. It was also released digitally, as well as on digipak CD in a limited first pressing, limited black vinyl LP and limited picture vinyl LP. It is the first album to feature vocalist Atterigner and was the last to feature bassist Bøddel, who died from cancer four months after the album’s release.

The Analysis—-

Radix Malorum—-No fancy introductions will be found on a Gorgoroth record…ever. Right out of the gate, prepare yourself to be pummeled and taken to the dark side of life. There is always a surprising melody that runs underneath all of the noise….but the songs are usually propelled by a hell fire super fast drum and a deep bass that darkens the sound. The vocal tears at your ear drums…but the melody still remains bright and propulsive. This is intense….dark and fuckin’ fantastic!

Dionysian Rite—-The vocal on this track is much more upfront in the mix of the music and seems a bit clearer and driven. The guitar squeals are incredible and the drums as always are stellar. There are chord changes and downshifts in the song that keep it interesting and prevent it from being an all out noise fest. This is remarkable musicianship. A really great song. The song becomes almost funeral at times…huge and dark like a wall of doom….just stellar.

Ad Omnipotens Aeterne Diabolus—-Coming out of the split second of silence, this song emerges as a huge atmospheric affair at the onset. The drums, although very present are even slowed a bit. And then….the track kicks in and the mayhem returns. The putrid vocals assault all of your senses…inspiring a self-power that is indescribable. The guitars provide a classic metal harmony that even includes some brighter tones and soaring riffs. The vocal rises above it all….proclaiming Satan….remarkable. I don’t take content of this music very seriously…I do love the brutality of it all though.

Come Night—-Huge drums right at the onset…followed by a fantastic soaring guitar lead that ushers in a menacing yell. The marching style of the music is a nice break from the all out wall of sound and gives the song more of a backbone. Probably one of my favorites on this release, it is accessible and a bit more mainstream for Black Metal. The drums as always, are the star of this show….matched only by the intense dark vocal that assaults. This is stellar!

Burn In His Light—-Again, the opening riffs of this track are a huge surprise…almost reminding me of early Rammstein….sounding a bit Industrial. The vocal is even reminiscent of this sound. This is probably the most accessible I have ever heard this band…there are nice musical shifts…down tempos and a re-crank of the guitars that keeps everything interesting. I really like this.The lead guitar gives a mid song solo that sounds like King Diamond….this is a pleasant surprise.

Rage—-Coming out of the silence once again with a higher tone from the guitars, this really does at times sound like a different band then we are accustomed to. The vocal is sick though…propelling the darkness at you right through the headphones. I prefer Gaal and his vocal best…but this is pretty stellar. I can almost see the bass guitar swaying back and forth to the undeniable rhythm that is on this track. Dark yet remarkably accessible.

Kala Brahman—-Darker and sounding a bit more muted than the previous few tracks, this is bass heavy and intense. The drums are just incredible….the vocal seemingly moved to the back of the music a bit. The lead guitars steer the song with a nice underlying melody that keeps everything cohesive. This is a bit different…but still dark and menacing.

Awakening—-This track surprised me….really accessible and almost mainstream in sound outside of the vocal that is laden with evil and darkness. There are nice breaks in the song and a chorus of sorts that calls to Satan…wow. The music remains dark, but there is that swaying rhythm section that keeps the song very listenable. Great end to a way too short release.

**** out of 5