Morrissey / Low In High School

Low In High School

Steven Patrick Morrissey (born 22 May 1959), known mononymously as Morrissey, is an English singer, songwriter and author. He rose to prominence as the frontman of the Smiths, who were active from 1982 to 1987. Since then, Morrissey has had a solo career, making the top ten of the UK Singles Chart on ten occasions and reaching number one on the UK Albums Chart three times.

Born in DavyhulmeLancashire, to a working-class Irish family, Morrissey grew up in Manchester. As a child he developed a love of literature, kitchen sink realism and popular music. Involved in Manchester’s punk rock scene during the late 1970s, he fronted the Nosebleeds, with little success. Beginning a career in music journalism, he authored a number of books on music and film in the early 1980s. With Johnny Marr he established the Smiths in 1982, soon attracting national recognition for their self-titled debut album. As the band’s frontman, Morrissey attracted attention both for his witty and sardonic lyrics and his idiosyncratic appearance; deliberately avoiding rock machismo, he cultivated the aesthetic of a social outsider who eschewed drugs and embraced celibacy. The Smiths released three further albums—including the critically acclaimed Meat Is Murder and The Queen Is Dead—and had a string of hit singles. Personal differences between Morrissey and Marr resulted in the Smiths’ separation in 1987.

In 1988, Morrissey launched his solo career with Viva Hate. This album and its follow-ups—Kill UncleYour Arsenal, and Vauxhall and I—all did well in the UK Albums Chart and spawned a number of hit singles. During this time his image began to shift into that of a more burly figure, who toyed with patriotic imagery and working-class masculinity. In the mid-to-late 1990s, his subsequent albums, Southpaw Grammar and Maladjusted, also charted but were less well received. Relocating to Los Angeles, he embarked on a hiatus between 1998 and 2003 before releasing a successful comeback album, You Are the Quarry, in 2004. Ensuing years saw the release of albums Ringleader of the TormentorsYears of Refusal, and World Peace Is None of Your Business. He released his autobiography in 2013, followed by his first novel in 2015. His eleventh solo album, Low in High School, was released in November 2017.

Highly influential, Morrissey has been credited as a seminal figure in the emergence of indie rock and Britpop. Acclaimed as one of the greatest lyricists in British history, his lyrics have become the subject of academic study. He has courted controversy with his forthright opinions—endorsing vegetarianism and animal rights, condemning royalty and prominent politicians, and promoting a vision of English national identity and Britishness. In a 2006 poll held by the BBC’s Culture Show, Morrissey was voted the second greatest living British cultural icon, behind only David Attenborough.

Low in High School is the eleventh solo studio album by English singer Morrissey, released on 17 November 2017 through BMGIt was produced by Joe Chiccarelli, and recorded at La Fabrique Studios in France and at Ennio Morricone‘s Forum Studios in Italy.

The album debuted at number 5 on the UK Albums Chart. It received mixed reviews from critics.

The Analysis—-

My Love, I’d Do Anything For You—-Ok, the requisite odd beginning you generally find on a Morrissey release, the music is very masculine in sound and sounds very big. Morrissey delivers that comfortable and trademark vocal that makes me so comfortable and happy. The music seems a bit too boisterous for the voice here…but the chorus displays a slight falsetto that shows Morrissey still ha that remarkable range. I just don’t care for the music here…The noise is a bit overwhelming.

I Wish You Lonely—-Immediate love rushes from my senses with the onset of this track. The familiar croon makes me smile inside of myself as Morrissey delvers lie after line of irony and sardonic humor. the music…although still very loud and in the fore front of the mix is a bit calmer..allowing for a full showcase of the remarkable and welcoming vocal from Morrissey. This is classic in makes me happy and nostalgic at the same time. Just wonderful and just as important in message.

Jacky’s Only Happy When She’s Up On The Stage—-From the very first note and vocal utterance, this reeks of classic Morrissey compositions from every year he has released music. The voice is so strong and emotive…delivering exquisite lines..the music is much more understated and has a slight orchestration. This track could fir perfectly o any Morrissey release from the last 15 years. The song makes me feel warm…welcoming and nostalgic. Morrissey has a controlled vocal delivery…he knows just how to wrap himself around the music…and it is always a magnificent result when he does it. This song….to me…may very well be auto-biographical.

Home Is A Question Mark—-Jangly bells and a strong guitar line….powerful upfront drums and the the vocal entrance Sounding fresh ad ageless. Morrissey has the remarkable ability to make me feel joyous inside. The chorus on this track is fantastic…it wraps around your cerebellum and threatens to never let go. This is addictive…one of the best songs I’ve heard from Moz in the last few years…just fantastic!


Spent The Day In Bed—-In my opinion, the wrong choice as the lead off single from this release, the previous track would have been a better choice. This is classic in a Morrissey way…full of political references and an underlying rail against Trump without really coming right out and say it. The voice is remarkable here…the melody line of the song a bit addictive and catchy. Morrissey sounds so vocally strong…and his band at this time is practiced around his voice and vocal style. a great track.

I Bury The Living—-A long and tedious introduction ushers in another very masculine and driving musical landscape that suddenly dies away to allow for the vocal entrance. This is pleasant enough….the lyrics are pointed and a bit American…but the track kind of falls flat for me. There is no hook so to speak of that sucks you into the track. The melody is missing here…the music just does not wrap around the voice the way I would expect. I hate to say this…but I don’t really care for this song.

In Your Lap—-This is very odd for me…at one point sounding rather political then becoming a bit ironically sexual, this piano driven track is dark in sound and still manages to deliver an empty feel to my ears that are longing for that one special magic Morrissey moment i have yet to find on this release. This is decent….would I listen to this song tomorrow…..ummm…no.

The Girl From Tel-Aviv Who Wouldn’t Kneel—-Seeming to meld from the previous track, Morrissey has a vocal that is very in the front of the mix…but does not contain the magic that i have been begging for. This is almost like a show tune that has no show, Not sure what is going on here…this is already a record that will lose itself in the catalog of Morrissey releases that is adequate but not great in any ways…I’m at this point…very under-whelmed.

All The Young People Must Fall In Love—-A bit more accessible to my un-practiced ear, this falls a bit more in line to the Morrissey I love. The melody line is wonderfully catchy and inspired. The vocal message a clear indictment to the american political scene. The music is still a bit odd to me…all of the off sounds that are going on serve as a massive distraction from the melody and the lyrical message. This is nice…but still manages to miss the magic that I have become accustomed to.

When You Open Your Legs—-This is really nice at the onset….Morrissey delivers lyrics that are remarkably relate able somehow. I just don’t like the music on this release…where is the power of the guitars and the percussion. All the horns that appear on this release is distracting and takes away from the beautiful crooning from Moz. I like it….but I don’t love anything on this release.

Who Will Protect Us From The Police?—–Musically powerfully, lyrically flat….full of lines that are repetitive at times. I’m sure the message is clear from the title…but it never seems to quite follow through. This release, as a whole is very disappointing to me. I still love you Morrissey…but this is not the best you have done.

Israel—-The end to this less than magnificent release finds me breathing a slight breath of relief. And hear at the end is a remarkable song that sucks me right back into the magical world of Morrissey…I fall in love wit the beautiful piano and the voice that sounds so strong and emotive…magical and intent on delivering a subtle message. The end of the record leaves me with a breath of fresh air and hope for the future….skip the middle of the record…the first three tracks and the last….should and would have been a magnificent EP release.

*** out of 5


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