Loudwire.com 2011 Metal Album Of The Year—-Septicflesh / The Great Mass

The Great Mass

Septicflesh (formerly known as Septic Flesh) are a Greek death metal band from Athens, founded in 1990.

The Great Mass is the eighth studio album by Greek death metal band Septicflesh. It was recorded between July–September 2010 in Devasoundz (Greece) and The Abyss (Sweden) and produced by Peter Tägtgren. The orchestration was written by Christos Antoniou and recorded by the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra. Upon release, the album received critical acclaim.

The Analysis—-

The Vampire From Nazareth—-If you really enjoy the grandiosity of Symphonic Death Metal, the opening strains of this are right up your alley. This has a lot of ‘classical’ elements, but once the band and the vocal kicks in, you know this is not pretty. Brutal…full of blasting beats and incredibly dark vocals all riding over a huge grand orchestration makes for a stellar kick off.

A Great Mass Of Death—-Coming out from a fog, the music rears and smacks you right in the head as this track begins. This is huge,,,with epic strings in the background…all the while wrapped in a short circuited electric blanket that shocks your senses with the contrast of violence and beauty. Every track is a journey! The variance in the vocal…including a female back drop singer keeps things interesting and epic.

Pyramid God—-Very listener friendly right from the onset, the under lying melody line is addictive and pleasant. The vocal enters and sounds like a perverted Rammstein. The power of the instrumentation is fantastic….I love how the original melody line never leaves the song…you can always hear it playing underneath the mayhem that intermittently occurs. This is epic!

Five-Pointed Star—-You can tell…..as the intro to the song enters that this is gonna be incredible. I wish I cold catch some more of the lyrics…but that is a slight complaint to the love that I have for this record. The intensity is never underwhelmed by the slight grand sounds that play underneath the instruments. This is aggressive yet remarkably accessible to even a casual fan. A landmark recording.

Oceans Of Grey—-Almost wispy and beautiful at the onset the strings give way to the death knell and the blast of the instruments. The drums beat you upside the head…and the slight breaks in the music allow you to realize the orchestration remains through out. The song has ‘movements’ taking you here and there….female vocal interludes…but always brings you back to the power and the aggression.

The Undead Keep Dreaming—-Little in the way of orchestration at the onset, this track is a bit different than most of the tracks heard thus far. The vocal is odd…going from a groveling whisper to an accessible mantra the song leaves me a bit underwhelmed. I like the power chords of the track though….there is so much swirling around your head. This is nice…not my favorite…but by no means a waste of space.

Rising—-at the onset, this has brighter tones to the music. The lead guitars seem to move much faster and gives a melody line that is easy to follow and become addicted to. The intermittent clean vocal seems to make it even more accessible. This is a stellar track….I like the play between different styles all rolled together in one nice package. Fantastic!!!

Apocalypse—-Chaotic at the beginning…but suddenly falling away to give room to a rather nice pleasant and epic introduction to the track. The power…the huge symphonic elements are so addictive and pleasant…you can’t get the melodies out of your brain. This is incredibly well constructed music….giving you so many different elements in each song…a really talented bunch of musicians.

Mad Architect—-Sharp bursts of piano and swirls of strings introduce the song….making it all seem like a movie soundtrack. The vocal enters accompanied by a marching bass line that turns this into a battlefield scene in my brain. This is huge….magnificently built and really well delivered.

Theriantropy—-I really hate to hear this all come to an end….but you can always push replay!!! The clean vocal that introduces the track just sets us up for the onslaught that is beautifully constructed and delivered. This could have all sounded like one repetitive song…but the band constructed such a well put together release…every track is epic and it’s own adventure. A fantastic listen!

***** out of 5



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