Loudwire.com 2003 Metal Album Of The Year—-Children Of Bodom / Hate Crew Deathroll

Hate Crew Deathroll

Children of Bodom is a melodic death metal band from Espoo, Finland. Formed in 1993, the group currently consists of Alexi Laiho (vocals, lead guitar), Janne Wirman (keyboards), Henkka Seppälä (bass), Jaska Raatikainen (drums) and Daniel Freyberg (rhythm guitar). In total they have released nine studio albums, two live albums, two EPs, two compilation albums and one DVD.

The band’s third studio album, Follow the Reaper, was their first album to receive a Gold certification in Finland, and since then, all seven of the band’s studio albums have acquired the same status. In Finland, Children of Bodom has released three consecutive albums that debuted at number one on Finnish album charts, and has also seen chart positions on the United States Billboard 200.

The band has incorporated many different musical styles, leading critics and fans to label their work as melodic death metal,”extreme power metal“, thrash metalsymphonic black metal, and neoclassical metal. They are one of Finland’s best selling artists of all time with more than 250,000 records sold there alone.

Hate Crew Deathroll is the fourth album by the Finnish melodic death metal band Children of Bodom, released in 2003 under the Century Media label. The album is the final one to feature guitarist Alexander Kuoppala. It was successful both in Europe and the USA, which is demonstrated by the appearance of the “Needled 24/7” music video on MTV2‘s Headbangers Ball. “Needled 24/7” also featured on the heavy metal documentary Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey and the 2012 horror comedy video game Lollipop Chainsaw.

The Analysis—-

Needled 24/7—-Huge and blistering from the very first note, the sway back and forth of the guitar is incredible. The Speed of the onslaught makes me smile inwardly……I needed to hear this today…..the melody line that runs underneath the chaos shows a well constructed song. The vocal is not as extreme as on later releases…but the power and the brutality are in full effect. This is a huge track…loaded with the best of everything.

Sixpounder—-Walls of bass smack you right upside the head as this all begins. There is the vocal I was speaking of….brutal and literally seeping with a venom that makes your ears bleed. The aggression is huge….the bass that drives the song is incredible….but there is that magic melody line that gives everything a structure. This is extreme…in a most fantastic way!

Chokehold [Cocked N’ Loaded]—-With a nice build up to the mayhem, the song has a galloping feel that makes me feel right at home. The vocal comes at you hard…spitting right in your face with a nice mix of clean and guttural voices. This is fantastic….the entire band adds to the chorus….making it larger than life and giving it much more body. Extreme…….and fantastic!

Bodom Beach Terror—-Nice drums and sharp blast of guitars welcome you into the pit as this song takes you on a journey that travels 1000 miles an hour. Never losing the brutal feel of the music nor the structure of the melody line, the talent was written on the wall even now. This is fantastic….the chorus is built for crowd interaction….and I can feel my enthusiasm rise with every blast.

Angels Don’t Kill—-The intro is scary and sounds like a horror movie come to life…..just brilliant. The deep and dank plodding feel of the music makes the track huge. The vocal has a clarity that surprises me…..the slight guitar squeals a promise of things the band would deliver with later releases. This is a fantastic track….full of a foreboding and darkness….but still menacing and intense.

Triple Corpse Hammerblow—-That scream sets the song off to a blistering pace that is fueled by an anger and venom you can’t quite figure out. There are huge blasts…..almost orchestrated and built for audience participation. This is a favorite track of mine…I love the quasi orchestra feel fueled by keyboards…it gives it a huge feel….and the drums……my God….they are blistering.

You’re Better Off Dead—-Deeper in tone and filled with a slight bit of an angrier tone, this is none the less…extreme. The band…sounding so tight…..keeps pace with the vocal rather than vice versa. The lead guitars soar above your head and the entire band joins in on the chorus….built for an audience to lose it’s mind to. This is incredible…powerful….dark and aggressive.

Lil Bloodred Ridin Hood—-With a huge drum intro, we are soon off and running with the pack once again. the bass line and the drums are matched perfectly…while the vocal seems to swim right over all of the aggression with an added layer. This is just too good to be true….have not listened to this in a long time…too long.

Hate Crew Deathroll—-Ending the proper release with the same energy and venom that it began with, you can now pick yourself off the floor and clean up. This was just a promise of the grandiosity to come from the band….but if you need a starter kit…..pick this one!

***** out of 5


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