Loudwire.com 2000 Metal Album Of The Year—-Iron Maiden / Brave New World


Brave New World

Brave New World is the twelfth studio album by English heavy metal band Iron Maiden, released on 29 May 2000. It was their first studio release since the return of longtime lead singer Bruce Dickinson (who left in 1993) and guitarist Adrian Smith (who left in 1990) in 1999, as well as the band’s first studio recording as a six-piece, as Janick Gers, who replaced Smith in 1990, remained with the band.

The album artwork and title song are references to the novel of the same name, written by Aldous Huxley. The upper half of the artwork was created by Derek Riggs, with the bottom half by digital artist Steve Stone.

The songs “The Wicker Man” and “Out of the Silent Planet” were both released as singles. “The Wicker Man“‘s promotional radio release featured extra vocals in the chorus, not present in any other versions of the song.

The Brave New World Tour was the tour in support of the album, during which the show at Rock in Rio was recorded and later released as a live album and video.

Brave New World peaked at No. 7 in the UK Albums Chart, and has since been certified Gold. In the United States, it debuted at No. 39 on the Billboard 200, and registered over 307,000 sales on the Nielsen SoundScan system in 2008.

The Analysis—-

The Wicker Man—-Indeed, it was every fans dream come true when Bruce decided to return to the helm of this iconic band. From the very first notes, you recognize a revamped energetic delivery that reminds you of the Golden age of the band. Smith adds vocals and fills out Dickinson. this is classic sounding Maiden…something that had been missing since he left…the slower darker sound is gone…and replaced by the galloping familiar strain of the band we love. Bruce has never sounded better…not has the band ever sounded as huge.

Ghost Of The Navigator—-My favorite track on this release…I love the break at the beginning that allows you to know without doubt who is playing in your speakers. The guitar intro at the onset of the song…builds and builds until you feel crazy…just fantastic. And then the track is off to a bass galloping romp with Bruce beckoning to the mystical leanings of his lyrics. This is a phenomenal track…not has Bruce sounded more invigorated or excited…his solo material never matched the enthusiasm he sings with here. This is an epic track….hearkening the old days…and sounding like the band is 20 years younger.

Brave New World—-What can I say…a true classic Maiden intro sound that leaves you bubbling with excitement as the vocal enters with a sedate delivery that promises to explode at any moment. The trademark Harris sound is all over the track as it becomes fuller and fuller…..Bruce delivers a fantastic vocal…even when he strains he can out sing any new vocalist around. This is atmospheric, classic in sound…but fresh and invigorated. A brilliant track!

Blood Brothers—-This track has such a classic melody line that is very familiar and comforting…but for some reason never seemed to get as large as I expected it to become. This has classic Bruce lyrics to it….somewhat mystical and Mythological…..but the music just seems to fall a bit short for me….but have no doubt…I love it anyways…..there is no such thing as ‘bad Maiden’…..!

The Mercenary—-Right from the first notes, the song is off to a nice romping sound that makes you think of any track off of Piece Of Mind….the chorus is arena made Metal….begging the crowd to chant the chorus as the band basks in adulation. The band sounds so huge…it is amazing Bruce sounds so clear with everything going on in the song. The drums as always…are stellar and the Harris sound is all over the song….but the power chords are even larger than his bass line…this is fantastic.

Dream Of Mirrors—-A brilliant unexpected vocal beginning……then comes that Harris bass line leading you o a galloping desert that the lead guitar sends you skidding over the sand. Dickinson sings and lifts you out of desolation and fills you with joy that he is home. This is a fantastic track….melodic and full of every instrument…..you can’t go wrong with this one…it makes everyone happy!

The Fallen Angel—-After the epic track that preceded this, the band issues forth a faster and more straight forward Metal sounding track that allows Bruce to really stretch his pipes and allows Smith to join in on the vocals…giving the song a really large feel. This is epic….but you seem to get input from every member of the band…..excellent from every angle.

The Nomad—-Not sure exactly why, but this has been a favorite track of mine as well. It has that huge epic Powerslave vibe to it….a story told well with the vocal from Dickinson while the band delivers instrumental narrative. I think the vocal is a little less inspired sometimes….but the band seems to pick up the slack and provide a picture you see come to life right in front of your eyes….this is monumental…..huge and full of classic sounds. I love this!!!! When Bruce hits that chorus……damn the man can sing!!!!!

Out Of The Silent Planet—-Another very favorite track of mine from this release…it spoke to me in many different ways…..classic in sound and delivering a message that resonates now as much as it did then. Bruce and Adrian deliver a joint vocal that makes the sound huge. The shotgun style guitar breaks are immaculate…..and the picture painted is so desolate and scary…you have to pay attention. the chorus is huge…..and I fight the urge while i listen to not jump up and down with excitement. It seems…every time i listen to this it is like the first time….that is how you know a classic!!!

The Thin Line Between Love And Hate—-Ending the ‘comeback’ release with a bass heavy track that again features both Bruce and Adrian on vocals shows that the band is big enough for many members. The sound is odd…coming at you in short jabs of sound…but it still leaves you with a great taste in your brain as you wave goodbye and wait for the next opus. Bruce delivers some stellar vocals on the chorus line of the song…..leading you to believe…rightly so…that the best days of the band are to come.

*****out of 5


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