Loudwire.com 1974 Metal Album Of The Year—-Budgie / In For The Kill

In for the Kill

Budgie are a Welsh hard rock band from Cardiff. They are described by author Garry Sharpe-Young as one of the earliest heavy metal bands and a seminal influence to many acts of that scene, with fast, heavy rock (an influence on the new wave of British heavy metal (NWOBHM) and acts such as Metallica) being played as early as 1971. The band has been noted as “among the heaviest metal of its day”.

In for the Kill! is the fourth studio album by Welsh hard rock band Budgie. It was released through MCA Records in May 1974. The album includes a re-recording of the song “Crash Course in Brain Surgery”, originally released in 1971 as a single. The song was covered by Metallica for their 1987 EP The $5.98 EP: Garage Days Re-Revisited, while the album’s title track was covered by Van Halen during the group’s club days.

The Analysis—-

In For The Kill—-I will admit…..surprisingly enough, I have never heard of this band. I thought Budgie was Siouxsie Sioux’s husband…lol. So….I am expanding my horizon’s a bit. The sound of this recording has not aged well….the under production is obvious. The leanings toward Sabbath are remarkable. The deep sound and almost plodding bass line The vocal is great though. I love the rhythm section of the band…although the drums are understated, they are apparent and important to the sound of the band. Classic Rock indeed.

Crash Course In Brain Surgery—-A deep and melodic bass line kicks off the song and I find it very easy to get into the ‘groove’ of the song. This is not blistering in your face Metal…there is a nice structure to the song…and the vocal is fantastic. I rather like the feel of the song….the vocals are clear and concise…and very in front of the mix. This is very nice.The vocal really has a early Robert Plant lean to it.

Wondering What Everyone Knows—-A HUGE surprise, this track is acoustic and rather reminds me of The Beatles. This is definitely a band that needs further exploration. This track is so damn pleasant…I think I even hear a Tull inspired flute in the background. The double tracked vocal allows for a full sound. This is fantastic.

Zoom Club—-Nice right from the intro, this has a bit of an experimental lean to the musical sound. The song takes quite sometime to get going…the band adding sounds as it progresses. The guitars are tuned low…no squeals or sharps. The drums are very present and the bass line when it kicks in leads the song. This is a stoner song….lol. The track last a very long time….the vocal entering very late and again reminding me of early Led Zeppelin. This is really nice.

Hammer And Tongs—- Slow to start and atmospheric in sound, I am almost bored by the very long intro to the song…but this is typical of the time period. The bass line finally kicks in and leads the song into a Sabbath like crawl….but the lead guitars cut in with a sharp clarity that makes everything almost magical. The song is really full bodied and leaning towards the Zeppelin like Blues of the time. This is long….drawn out and a bit tedious…but the constant changing tempo keeps my interest.

Running From My Soul—-Returning to a fuller tilt boogie sound, this track still has that what i consider trademark long intro before any vocal surfaces. Again….typical of the time period. This has such a Zeppelin lean….sometimes I think I hear Plant singing. This is fantastic….not unique and fresh….but definitely true to the times and the groove of the music.

Living On Your Own—-Ending the release with a very typical intro and very long bodied song, the experimental flair to the music is magical. The guitars produce a melody that is fantastic and catchy as hell. I think this may be my favorite track on this release…the voice sounds great…the leaning into the microphone and grooving ala Plant in a clear and vivid picture in my brain. I rather enjoyed this release….a new band to investigate. I love this.

****3/4 out of 5



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