Whitechapel / Mark Of The Blade

Mark of the Blade

Whitechapel is an American deathcore band from Knoxville, Tennessee. The band is named after the Whitechapel district in East London, England, referencing the series of murders committed by Jack the Ripper. The group comprises vocalist Phil Bozeman, guitarists Ben Savage, Alex Wade, and Zach Householder, bassist Gabe Crisp, and drummer Ben Harclerode. Founded in 2006 by Bozeman and Savage, the band has released six studio albums, eleven music videos and are currently signed to Metal Blade Records.

The Analysis—-

The Void—-Not a band to pull out of the collection for a casual listen on a Sunday afternoon, Whitechapel brings intensity and brutality to everything it produces. The band is TIGHT! You are pummeled by the drums…the walls of guitars and the vocal that threatens to pierce your brain at every angle. Just incredible….every song is a journey.

Mark Of The Blade—-The band as a whole, has progressed in sound and style since the onset of their career. The music…although still brutal and smashing in force is more accessible than previous releases. The pure pummel of sound has progressed to a more organized chaos that is more pleasant. The vocals are clearer….still not sure how he can sing like this song after song. This track has an almost catchy melody/chorus that unbelievably tends to stick in your brain. I like this track a lot.

Elitist One—-Kicking off with a nice melodic bass line, the drums are front and center on this track and again, you notice the melody line running underneath the layer of noise. The vocal is so intense it shakes my very core as the song progresses. The guitars soar…with a nice sound further back in the mix. The musical breaks give the song more body…..allowing you to catch your breath here and there. The most accessible Whitechapel to date.

Bring Me Home—-In a somewhat shocking turn of events, this acoustic beginning of the song is in such sharp contrast to what you have been subjected to you wonder if this is the same band. Bozeman shocks you with a clean and melodic vocal that is superb….and then…..enter mayhem. This is a fantastic track…..a very pleasant surprise…offering a more alternative sounding track that shows the talent and scope of the band. Just fantastic!

Tremors—-Returning to a more familiar sound, you notice on this track that the vocal seems very upfront and the growls a bit clearer. You can actually catch some of the venom that is spit….while the drums pummel your brain and very core. The double tracked vocal gives the song a full sound….this is really a pretty great release.The breaks in the aggression are fantastic…..showing the sheer talent of the band.

A Killing Industry—-Coming out of a fog with a chainsaw guitar delivery and drums from hell, the beginning of this track sounds very chaotic and unorganized. The vocals come at you at a blistering speed…..and the manipulations of the voice reminds me of Static X. The thing that is undeniable is the melody though….this is just out mayhem…there is a structure underneath everything going on.

Tormented—-Yet another surprise introduction to this track…sounding more organized and structured. The bass line is so strong…the drums more staccato than all out pounding your head in the cement.The vocal sounds a bit subdued even…..but the aggression is still intact. The lyrics are intense….leading me to believe this is a rather personal song. Really great.There is a bit of lyrical torment to this track…..making it quite relate able. During the bridge the guitars soar……wow!!!

Brotherhood—-And here…..another surprise. A beautiful acoustic guitar intro on a Spanish sounding guitar makes room for drums from hell to break the peace and quiet as the pummel continues. The guitars literally soar…this is fantastic. The song has nice ebbs and flows in the delivery….taking you on a journey all of its own. This is fantastic….a great track that shows the versatility and talent of the band….if you needed reminding. A fantastic instrumental interlude.

Dwell In The Shadows—-The silence and beauty of the previous track is smashed to bits as the band gets back to business as usual. The vocal comes at you brutally fast and filled with an anger that shakes your core. The nice thing, again, is the melody that runs through the entire thing…sucking you in and allowing the song to find a place in your brain for awhile. That is the magic of a great band.

Venomous—-A great guitar intro that sends you spiraling with the sound, quiets a bit to allow for the vocal. the drums……delivered at a blistering speed in the forefront of the song spurns Bozeman to sing even faster and faster. This is incredible….100% aggression and power….the best way to obliterate pent up aggression and anger…..this helps to remove me from my dark places.

Decennium—-Coming out of a dark fog, this begins much like every other track…the surprise is coming….the song makes way for clean vocals and a damn melodic chorus that makes you shake your head in awe. This is a fantastic release…I hope the band continues to experiment and grow in this new direction. This is incredible…..I love it!

**** out of 5

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