Gorgoroth / Instinctus Bestialis

Instinctus Bestialis

Gorgoroth is a Norwegian black metal band based in Bergen. It was formed in 1992 by guitarist Infernus, who is also the only original member remaining, and the band have since released nine studio albums. Gorgoroth are a Satanic band and have drawn controversy due to some of their concerts, which have featured impaled sheep heads and mock crucifixions. The band is named after the dead plateau of darkness in the land of Mordor from J. R. R. Tolkien‘s fantasy novel The Lord of the Rings.

Instinctus Bestialis is the ninth full-length studio album by Norwegian black metal act Gorgoroth. It was released on June 8, 2015 by Soulseller Records. It was also released digitally, as well as on digipak CD in a limited first pressing, limited black vinyl LP and limited picture vinyl LP. It is the first album to feature vocalist Atterigner and was the last to feature bassist Bøddel, who died from cancer four months after the album’s release.

The Analysis—-

Radix Malorum—-No fancy introductions will be found on a Gorgoroth record…ever. Right out of the gate, prepare yourself to be pummeled and taken to the dark side of life. There is always a surprising melody that runs underneath all of the noise….but the songs are usually propelled by a hell fire super fast drum and a deep bass that darkens the sound. The vocal tears at your ear drums…but the melody still remains bright and propulsive. This is intense….dark and fuckin’ fantastic!

Dionysian Rite—-The vocal on this track is much more upfront in the mix of the music and seems a bit clearer and driven. The guitar squeals are incredible and the drums as always are stellar. There are chord changes and downshifts in the song that keep it interesting and prevent it from being an all out noise fest. This is remarkable musicianship. A really great song. The song becomes almost funeral at times…huge and dark like a wall of doom….just stellar.

Ad Omnipotens Aeterne Diabolus—-Coming out of the split second of silence, this song emerges as a huge atmospheric affair at the onset. The drums, although very present are even slowed a bit. And then….the track kicks in and the mayhem returns. The putrid vocals assault all of your senses…inspiring a self-power that is indescribable. The guitars provide a classic metal harmony that even includes some brighter tones and soaring riffs. The vocal rises above it all….proclaiming Satan….remarkable. I don’t take content of this music very seriously…I do love the brutality of it all though.

Come Night—-Huge drums right at the onset…followed by a fantastic soaring guitar lead that ushers in a menacing yell. The marching style of the music is a nice break from the all out wall of sound and gives the song more of a backbone. Probably one of my favorites on this release, it is accessible and a bit more mainstream for Black Metal. The drums as always, are the star of this show….matched only by the intense dark vocal that assaults. This is stellar!

Burn In His Light—-Again, the opening riffs of this track are a huge surprise…almost reminding me of early Rammstein….sounding a bit Industrial. The vocal is even reminiscent of this sound. This is probably the most accessible I have ever heard this band…there are nice musical shifts…down tempos and a re-crank of the guitars that keeps everything interesting. I really like this.The lead guitar gives a mid song solo that sounds like King Diamond….this is a pleasant surprise.

Rage—-Coming out of the silence once again with a higher tone from the guitars, this really does at times sound like a different band then we are accustomed to. The vocal is sick though…propelling the darkness at you right through the headphones. I prefer Gaal and his vocal best…but this is pretty stellar. I can almost see the bass guitar swaying back and forth to the undeniable rhythm that is on this track. Dark yet remarkably accessible.

Kala Brahman—-Darker and sounding a bit more muted than the previous few tracks, this is bass heavy and intense. The drums are just incredible….the vocal seemingly moved to the back of the music a bit. The lead guitars steer the song with a nice underlying melody that keeps everything cohesive. This is a bit different…but still dark and menacing.

Awakening—-This track surprised me….really accessible and almost mainstream in sound outside of the vocal that is laden with evil and darkness. There are nice breaks in the song and a chorus of sorts that calls to Satan…wow. The music remains dark, but there is that swaying rhythm section that keeps the song very listenable. Great end to a way too short release.

**** out of 5


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