The Other Two / The Other Two & You

The Other Two & You

The Other Two are an English dance act consisting of Stephen Morris and Gillian Gilbert of New Order. The band name refers to the fact that the other New Order members, Bernard Sumner and Peter Hook, had already embarked on side projects by the time the first The Other Two record was released. Their debut single “Tasty Fish” was released in 1991 and peaked at 41 in the UK Singles Chart.

The Analysis—-

Tasty Fish—-To say that this has a trademark sound, would be understated. Of course you would have to recognize the synth and drum lines that are all over this release. The wonderful thing about this is the breezy and shiny vocal…the mood is up-tempo…..bright and makes you smile inwardly all the while recognizing certain unmistakable sounds and rhythms. I wish this would have garnered more attention….this is wonderful.

The Greatest Thing—-Deeper techno styled bass begins this track…even the vocal seems a bit darker. The syrup sweet sound of the previous track is missing…but the atmospheric float is very intact. This is not a particularly happy song…and  its curious how Gillian uses the she and her pronoun during this track. Dark and moody…but atmospheric and ethereal as well.

Selfish—-To me, this is the centerpiece of this release. This is bright, shiny and damn near perfect pop music. The remixes for this are incredible and I still listen to this at parties and have people question me as to who this great band is. The vocal is crisp, shiny…happy and bouncy. This is damn near perfect in my book. This is very New Order inspired but unique and individual at the same time. Incredible.

Movin’ On—-Bright and wispy keyboards enter with a de-escalating synth line that seems to propel the song. The double tracked vocal seems a bit removed from the mix of the song….sounding pushed to the back and less bright…but the sweet delivery that it conjures is undeniably addictive. I love this album!

Ninth Configuration—- With a string inspired synth line, the intro to the track is a bit slow but finally opens up with a more urgent bass line that almost propels the track. This has an addictive quality to it….making me want to listen over and over. The track has nice New Order inspired breaks in the lines that build and build. This is exquisite…the blips and beeps keeping everything interesting and moving along nicely. I adore this!

Feel This Love—-Returning to that nice bright and happy sound, Gillian has a voice that is impossible not to love. The keyboard sounds are familiar enough to make you love this band because of who they are and fresh enough to give you a whole other band to love outside of NO. The piano lines are fantastic and the swirls make you want to dance and say Fuck It!

Spirit Level—-Textured with a deeper synth line and nice blip effects, this wraps itself around your head and makes you want to fall into a hands in your pockets trance dance on the floor all by yourself. The bright keyboard lines that emerge give the song a nice warmth that keeps everything interesting despite the lack of a true vocal line. This is wonderfully addictive.

Night Voice—-Beginning dark and dense, the effects fly all over in my headphones. The song has a deep low, dark hum that is accented by wisps of backdrop voices sounding from outer space. This is more experimental and not really a favorite of mine…but it does show diversity and depth to the creative force of these two.

Innocence—-Returning to the brighter sounds of previous tracks, Gillian just seems to have that kind of voice. This is boppy and sunny….moving along at a nice pace and adding to the element with synth swirls that bring about sunshine and a smile. This is not an entirely happy song…but the delivery keeps you upbeat and pleased.

Loved It [The Other Track]—-This is a long drawn out affair of synth lines that are almost electro inspired in their jaunty delivery. The vocals are interspersed with all kinds of breaks and blips…not a bad song…but a bit of filler to me.

**** out of 5














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