Devilment / II-The Mephisto Waltzes

II - The Mephisto Waltzes [Explicit]

Originally formed by Daniel Finch back in late 2011 amidst a bout of religious delirium, DEVILMENT back then experienced a myriad of problems trying to hold down a stable vocalist (the rope, I believe, was never quite strong enough).

Enter Daniel’s friend Dani Filth (CRADLE OF FILTH, TEMPLE OF THE BLACK MOON), who, although not entirely stable mentally, agreed to help out on a couple of tracks, having some time off from his other projects. Dani Filth comments, “When I heard what Dan Finch was doing, I just had to get my claws into it. It had a unique sound to it that was both creepy and heavy, but indelibly groovy. I instantly saw where we could take this beast…”

The Analysis—-

Judasstein—-Huge drums and a whispered airy vocal begin the hell of this release. Dani delivers a growl and moan that is matched only by the pace of the music. Filth growls and screams at a moments notice…the voice still so strong and incredible. This is atmospheric, slightly orchestrated but delivered incredibly well.The maniacal laughs and swirling keyboards give the song a very dark feel.

Hitchcock Blonde—-Very Cradle inspired at the onset of this track…the jaunty keyboard and guitar delivery is very familiar. Dani delivers a vocal that is much slower in pace and you can actually catch the words. The perquisite backdrop female vocal is intact and adds a lot of body to the song. This is really pretty great! This has a melody that ends to stick with you….thanks in part to the huge catchy chorus.

Under The Thunder—-With a much more present guitar at the onset, the swirls of atmosphere enter along with the whispered evil sounding vocal from Dani. Despite the pace of the track, this is not that different from a Cradle release. The female backdrop vocal is very Evanesence inspired…not light and airy as current Cradle singers. Dani growls and gravels his way through this track….delivering line after line of guts and glory. And a huge hellacious scream in the middle of it all……fantastic!

Full Dark, No Stars—-Heavy and very loud keyboard keys usher in this track….an almost maddening tune that will stick in your brain. They fall to a quiet when the guitars pick up the melody line and Filth enters with his vocal…..the female vocal seems to have the majority of the burden of carrying the song though…as Dani takes a back seat to the pretty and melodic female vocal. I sit here amazed at the fluctuating ability of his vocal though….from a growl to a scream at the drop of a hat…..still amazing all these years in.

Shine On Sophie Moone—-Much faster…..delivered with a blistering pace…the vocals come so fast you can barely catch a word…let alone your breath. This has a nice dark undercurrent flowing through it that is very Cradle inspired and seems like it could be that very band. The drumming on this track is phenomenal…leading the entire pace of the song. This is fantastic!!!!

Life Is What You Keep From The Reaper—-With a higher guitar tone and a much more straight on metal feel, the drums again are front and center on this track. The vocal becomes mundane after a spell…we all recognize the versatility and remarkable ability of it. The female vocal makes a reappearance and steers the center of the song…giving it some versatility and a nice contrast. This is good.

DEA Della Morte—-Again, the intro is the mysterious toy piano sound that adds to the darkness of the song. The lead guitars enter but the drums again steer the true direction of the song. The feel is huge and smoky….Dani adding his deep whisper growl that has intermittent squeals and squeaks. This is nice…but this sounds to me like it has been done before with his previous bands. The female vocal saves the track from obscurity.

Entangled In Our Pride—-At the onset, this is quite a ‘pretty’ track…..even when the instruments add to the fray, the melody line is undeniable. The lead guitar soars and sings as nicely as Filth does. The feel of the song is everything we have heard before though…it is hard to hear anything new in this. The song is not bad…..but it is again only saved by the melodic and fantastic female vocal that is in such sharp contrast to Filth.

Hell At My Back—-Little new is offered here… this point, this release as a whole becomes rather forced and a chore to finish. The pace of the music keeps me interested…..the drums from this band are phenomenal….but this is all been done before from Filth and his many incarnations.There are some unbelievable screams though!!!!

The Seductive Poison—-A nice synth line introduces the song…accompanied by a guitar lead and drums that make for a very large sound at the onset. The speed of the song increases and the barrage of noise is everywhere. The soaring guitars are the star of the show….Dani sounding rather bored with this whole affair himself. I’m over this release…lol

Father Dali—-Ending this lackluster release much as it began…with mystery and a promise, the drums enter and give you a nice respite breath of life. Everything else about this track has already been repeated over and over on this release….not an album I will turn to often.

**out of 5





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