Aaron Lewis / Sinner


Aaron Lewis (born April 13, 1972) is an American musician and songwriter, who is the lead vocalist, rhythm guitarist, and founding member of the rock group Staind, with whom he has released seven studio albums. He has since ventured into country music with his debut solo EP Town Line, which was released on March 1, 2011 on Stroudavarious Records. Lewis’ first full-length solo release, The Road, was released by Blaster Records on November 13, 2012.

Sinner is the second solo studio album by Aaron Lewis from the American rock band Staind. It was released in September 16, 2016, through Dot Records, and produced by Buddy Cannon. The first single, “That Ain’t Country”, was released on June 17, 2016, which coincided with the album announcement.To support the album, Lewis is doing a series of concerts titled “The Sinner Tour”.

The Analysis—-

Sinner [w/ Willie Nelson]—-Hearing this release by Lewis made me wonder why he had not started singing and performing Country music a very long time ago. The music is everything you would expect…full of shit kicking riffs and slide guitars. The vocal is magnificent….delivering a down home style that is full of the current sound of Country music…this is brilliant. Willie sounds a bit weak voiced on this track…but maybe he was added to establish credibility. This is great.

That Ain’t Country —-With a laid back swagger to the music, this is classic Country right here. Lewis delivers a higher vocal that fits the music to a tee. This is like stepping back in time and listening to the old songs. The swagger is incredible and the fact that he can turn around and sing with Staind is beyond me…this is brilliant.

Whiskey And You—-Beginning with a lonely guitar and a slight twang to the whole affair, Lewis enters with his vocal and sounds like he stepped straight put of the classic sounds of the 70’s. The drawn out words and the slight twang to the words are magnificent. Lewis tells classic tales of lost love and liquor…this is phenomenal. A true Country singer right here. The female vocal that joins on the chorus fills everything out….this is wonderful!

Northern Redneck—-Returning to a more raucous and ‘new Country’ sound, Lewis sounds more like Toby Keith when he delivers this track. It makes me long for those old fashioned deep Virginia days. But I guess the message is that the Country is alive and well in the North…indeed with music like this…it is. This is fantastic.

Mama—-With the twang of lonely guitars and the slide adding fuel to the lonely fire Lewis delivers yet another stellar delivery. The phrasing and the deep octaves that occur on certain words help with the classic Country feel. This is a sad intense track that is full of wonderful memories and reminds you of the old records your parents used to play. I am truly amazed.The chorus is the best part of this song…..I listen to this over and over….

Sunday Every Saturday Night—-This track is fun…it has the classic elements of a brilliant Country song….the sway of the music…the twang of the guitar and the lyrics of too much drinkin’ and livin hard. This is workin; man’s country. When Lewis drops his voice to a deep baritone..it reminds me of Randy Travis….this is brilliant. Bars….jukeboxes…whiskey and women….who needs more?

Lost And Lonely—-Recorded in the same vein as the previous track, this is a nice fall back on the classic sound that appeals to me the most when it comes to Country music. This is brilliant….workin man’s Country that makes you appreciate Country living and had work and the loss of love. This has a whole story in a few minutes…one of the remarkable things about country music. You seem to live a whole life in just a few minutes…this is brilliant.

Story Of My Life—-A bit more jaunty and full of life, this still has the feel that leads the entire release. Lewis has that remarkable ability to drop his vocal just on certain words that adds to the feel and genuine sound There is nothing rock n’ roll about this release…this is pure Country…perhaps he is the next cross over star…watch out Darius Rucker…..Aaron is closing in.

Stuck In These Shoes—-Classic slide guitar twangs and laid back vocals that almost whine for attention bring this track to life. This is wonderful…the instruments seem more to the front of the song…allowing it an even more Nashville sound. Lewis delivers line after line of sadness and despair…but the music takes you somewhere remarkable. Really Nice!!!

I Lost It All—-The music is not as sad and forlorn as you would expect from the title of this song. This is classic though…Lewis delivers a tale of despair…loss and sadness but an underlying triumph is present through the jaunty guitar. This is wonderfully constructed….Lewis sings in a higher tone that sounds nothing like himself…this entire release has been a surprise to me.

Travellin’ Soldier—-This is confusing to me….this is not Aaron Lewis…nor does he appear on this song. Just some random lady singing a sad song about a Veteran…perhaps he is trying to give her a break…but this is odd on this release.

**** out of 5



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