Hatebreed / The Concrete Confessional

The Concrete Confessional [Explicit]

Hatebreed is an American metalcore band from Connecticut, formed in 1994. They have released 7 studio albums to date, most recently The Concrete Confessional on May 13, 2016. Their musical style blends influences from hardcore punk and heavy metal; a prominent band within the hardcore scene, they have also been considered part of the metal scene.

The Analysis—-

A.D.—-True to form from the very first hit of the play button, Jasta and Co. come out of the gate blazing fast and pissed off. The pace of this material is driving and like hell fire. The political leaning of this release…driven by the current political climate obviously factored into every note of this recording.

Looking Down The Barrel Of Today—-Blistering through my headphones, Jasta builds and builds with anger and venom. The speed of the music is matched only by the rapid fire of the words that come at you with intensity and disgust with many of the relevant topics of today. Jasta still has his fire burning…..thank God! Despite the anger and the ire, there is always a positive lean to this bands message.

Seven Enemies—-Building from a guitar squeal, the deep tone of the song is incredible. Jasta urges any one to step up and fuck with him….this is a pissed off track…full of venom and brutality. This is a bit stripped down musically…..but it still sounds full in the headphones.

In The Walls—-Incredible bass guitar right from the onset, the rhythm section of this band is just awesome. The clear tones of the lead guitar are hid behind the heavy handed bass playing and rapid fire drums. Jasta spits line after line of vitriol and anger….it’s almost impossible to keep up with him….the breaks are stupendous. A favorite track of mine.

From Grace We’ve Fallen—-With a clearer tone, this sounds like it could have been ripped from the last stellar release from the band. Jasta has a bit of a double track vocal and he actually joins the band on a sing-song chorus that gives this song some needed variety and body. This is excellent.

Us Against Us—-A return to a brighter guitar tone, the song blazes at an incredible speed. Every line is so full of words…..and the band joins in on a chant like chorus that is actually damn catchy. The guitar squeals and the drums are incredible.There are nice downshifts to the bass at the end that are stellar.

Something’s Off—-Beginning with a bass line from the depths of hell, the track opens up with a soaring guitar lead in the backdrop. The vocal comes at you….and the trademark phrasing of Jasta is everywhere. The music dies down mid track and allows the vocal to truly lead the song….this is damn contagious. The ‘clean’ vocal chorus is phenomenal.

Remember When—-A nice clean guitar that is followed up by machine gun fast bass and drums. The vocal is so full of anger and message. The layers and layers of the band are incredible….so many hings going on at the same time. This is just fantastic…..the slight vocal echo fills out the song…this is fantastic.

Slaughtered In Their Dreams—-No time for respite, right from the gate this song begins and never relents. The vocal is as you would expect…my brain is almost bleeding and begging for some variance…and indeed….the band joins in and breaks up the monotony while a clean guitar lead interrupts the song mid way through….well played guys!

The Apex Within—-Picking back up and progressing at breakneck speed, this track has the vocal variance I have been begging for…..the band joins in on a chant like sing song chorus that really helps break up this album. This is a band that has great production and stellar knowledge of when enough is enough without losing steam.

Walking The Knife—-Returning to full throttle bass, the guitar manages to seep through despite best intentions. The make up of this song…sounds angry and full of vitriol…but the message is positive and affirming. The one thing I really love about this band….still wonder how Jamey manages to sing like this all the time.

Dissonance—-More metal sounding at the onset, the song dissolves back into the trademark hardcore sound of the band. Jamey sounds incredible….that certain way he says his words leading the song along with the rest of the band. This sounds like something a few years old…but still plays really well. Immaculate.

Serve Your Masters—-Rounding out this release with another very bass heavy intro, the song almost plods along….something a bit different. The words come at you strong and large on the eve of this election. A great way to round up this release…let’s hope we don’t have to wait for ever again for a new album. This chorus is very Metallica…..sounds fantastic.

**** out of 5


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