DennerShermann / Satan’s Tomb EP

Satan's Tomb

Michael Denner (born 5 November 1958) is a Danish heavy-metal guitarist. He is part of the heavy metal duo Denner/Shermann with Hank Shermann.

Denner was a member of Mercyful Fate[1] and King Diamond amongst others. He has made guest appearances with Furious Trauma, Jack Cracker, Volbeat, Notre Dame and Saturnus.

Hank Shermann (real name René Krolmark) is a Danish heavy metal guitarist.[1] He began playing guitar in 1977.

Shermann is best known for his work with Mercyful Fate.[2] He has also played with the groups Brats, Fate, Zoser Mez, Gutrix, Virus 7, and his last main focus, Force of Evil. He is a regular guest on Witchery albums.

His band Demonica,[3] a thrash metal act, signed to Massacre Records in October 2009. He toured with Volbeat on their summer 2012 North American tour.

On October 2, 2015, Satan’s Tomb, an EP of new material recorded with fellow Mercyful Fate alumnus Michael Denner under the DennerShermann name became available for sale worldwide in a variety of formats, released by Metal Blade Records.[4][5] The band’s lineup consists of guitarists Denner and Shermann, drummer Snowy Shaw, vocalist Sean Peck and bassist Marc Grabowski (formerly of Cage and Demonica, respectively).

The Analysis—-

Satan’s Tomb—-With a nice 80’s inspired guitar intro, the song open up with a nice kick. The first thing you notice is the King Diamond inspired vocals…..very theatrical and operatic. The twin guitars give the track a huge full body feel. The lyrical content is much as you would expect…..and the double track vocal is fantastic. This is really a surprise to me…I love the throwback feel to the whole thing.

WarWitch—-Drum driven from the onset, have no doubt about the guitars either. This song travels at a really nice pace……driven by the fast pounding of the drums. I don’t like the vocal as much on this track, but it still holds up. The higher notes are seldom found in metal these days….it is nice to know someone besides Rob Halford can still scream bloody murder. The music on this release really is a throwback sound to the classic Mercyful Fate days…..why not just play with King Diamond?

New Gods—-With a nice sonic intro and heavy bass line, this almost sounds like Nu-Metal at the onset….until the proper guitars enter and open up the track. The vocal enters with a huge flourish full of drama and Dickinson overtones. Make no doubt….this vocalist can really sing with the best of anyone out there….reminding me more on this track of early Geoff Tate. The track, lyrically, is typical fare….but holds up with the rest of the material because of the outstanding vocal and overlays.

Seven Skulls—-This track has a much larger melody line running through the guitars. The vocal is almost a talk/sing type of delivery….reminding me at times of Dio.The instrumentation is well practiced and delivered with incredible precision. The drums are huge……and the bassline is ever present without ever drowning out the lead guitars or the voice. Not a bad first outing at all.

***1/2 out of 5




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