Iron Maiden/ From Fear To Eternity 1990-2010

From Fear to Eternity: The Best of 1990-2010

Iron Maiden are an English heavy metal band formed in Leyton, east London, in 1975 by bassist and primary songwriter Steve Harris. The band’s discography has grown to thirty-seven albums, including sixteen studio albums, eleven live albums, four EPs, and seven compilations.

Pioneers of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, Iron Maiden achieved initial success during the early 1980s. After several line-up changes, the band went on to release a series of US and UK platinum and gold albums, including 1982’s The Number of the Beast, 1983’s Piece of Mind, 1984’s Powerslave, 1985’s live release Live After Death, 1986’s Somewhere in Time and 1988’s Seventh Son of a Seventh Son. Since the return of lead vocalist Bruce Dickinson and guitarist Adrian Smith in 1999, the band have undergone a resurgence in popularity,[1] with their 2010 studio offering, The Final Frontier, peaking at No. 1 in 28 different countries and receiving widespread critical acclaim.

Despite little radio or television support,[2] Iron Maiden are considered one of the most successful heavy metal bands in history, with The New York Times reporting in 2010 that the band have sold over 85 million records worldwide.[3][N 1] The band won the Ivor Novello Award for international achievement in 2002. As of October 2013, the band have played over 2000 live shows throughout their career. For the past 35 years, the band have been supported by their famous mascot, “Eddie“, who has appeared on almost all of their album and single covers, as well as in their live shows.

From Fear to Eternity: The Best of 1990 – 2010 is a compilation album by British heavy metal band Iron Maiden, containing a selection of songs originally released on their last eight studio efforts to date. The title is lifted from the 1992 single, “From Here to Eternity“, although it is not featured in this release.

The Analysis—-

The Wicker Man—-Heralding the return of Dickinson back into the Maiden fold, this was classic Maiden. The voice was incredible and the guitar orchestrations of the expanded band were huge. the content was as you expected…a bit futuristic…mysterious and relying on the material Dickinson sang about during his solo career. This has all the elements of a classic Maiden composition.

Holy Smoke—-Although the music is very familiar and accessible, I never cared so much for the vocal on this track. The evil tones that Bruce displayed were much different than things on previous tracks from the band. The sound is so familiar…but I think in the back of my mind that this is the sound of a band slowly imploding and needing a break. I like the song…just not stellar…for me at least.

El Dorado—-Even the beginning of this track seems to be a bit off….I was not happy with the sound….although you know Harris was very much in charge when you hear that familiar galloping bass line that permeates every Maiden track. I don’t care for this track…the vocal seems flat and uninspired…like the commitment was not fully in vogue with the recording…but some Maiden is better than no Maiden.

Paschendale—-Now…for me…this is the almighty powerful Maiden machine. The moods shift back and forth…the bass line smacks your forehead…and the aggressive drums are incredible. Bruce delivers a stellar vocal…reminding you of how this man can STILL sing…this is a stellar track…I still turn to it often. The vivid word imagery makes it even better.Make no mistake….McBain is a hell of a drummer!!!1

Different World—-Familiar and comforting, everything about this track is damn near perfect. The music is huge…layered and aggressive. The vocal soars…Bruce finding room for words that you thought were impossible to include in one sentence. There are vocal harmonies that take me back to the Seventh Son release…this is just about as perfect as I could ask for.

Man On The Edge—-This live track subtlety allows Bruce to take over the vocal from Bayley without seeming rather pompous. This track is so much better live…the pace is 100 miles an hour faster and the vocal fits in as well as Blaze…guess I’m the only guy who kind of liked him. This is huge,,,,fast and classic Maiden…Harris is a genius!

Reincarnation—-Gentle at the onset, the guitar is understated….but still augmented by a strong bass line Ala Harris….the voice is so quiet and understated…until all hell breaks loose and everything kicks into high gear. Bruce comes alive with the music…delivering a vocal that is almost better than anything I have heard since then. He still has the register,,,but compensates rather well as he strains…this is brilliant. Aggressive, noisy and classic.

Blood Brothers—-Also from the ‘reunion’ CD, this is one of my favorite tracks….besides Flight Of The Navigator… finds Bruce back at home…sounding comfortable and at ease. The music is full and written for his voice it would seem. This is wonderfully constructed…..although the bass line is apparent…the rest of the band kicks ass as well…giving this band a new fresh sound….FANTASTIC!!!!

Rainmaker—-With a higher bass register, you can’t mistake this band for any other…but the sound seems a bit different…almost crowded with all of the sound that is going on. I love the vocal…it sounds fresh and like the very old days. Bruce never seems to get old! This is a classic track…the pace is so fast…I can only imagine how it must travel live!!!1 This is incredible.

Sign Of The Cross—-Another live track……the Harris bass line spurs the audience to scream with appreciation.I find fault with the band…how can you pretend the Blaze period never happened but still play songs from that era. I personally much prefer the Bayley rendition of this song. I think he sang it brilliant. Bruce does fine…perhaps it was written for him to begin with…but there should be some recognition. I love this song…am I the only one? The drums on this song….FUCKIN HUGE!!!!

Brave New World—-A huge triumphant comeback for me as a personal fan…this was brilliant. The vocal was like the old days…the band was tighter than ever…the feel of the song was a big huge party…making all the elements fall into place exactly as things should have been from the very onset. The hiatus was over and we all celebrated the return of the ‘Siren’ back to the band…still sounds awesome!

Fear Of The Dark—-This live version plays much better than the studio recording. I feel like the release of this entire CD was uninspired and reeked of internal conflicts with the band. This amped up version plays better…the audience embraces things…as the Rio audiences do…making this much livelier than it was actually was.

Be Quick Or Be Dead—-this sounds still, to me today, like it could have come off the Powerslave record. The mood is light…the tempo is incredibly fast and the vocal is stellar. This is a good history of the band in the last era before the split…this was a great recording. I love how maniacal Bruce sounds!

Tailgunner—-another track that seems less than inspired to me, the bass line falters a bit for me and the vocal seems like it is only half there. I am not a huge fan of the band during this era of recording…but it is history.

No More Lies—-Although this track does have high points, I think the overwhelming feel of the song is still uninspired. I like the speed of the song and the mood shifts of the music…but it feels like two different bands recording to me…like Bruce was not really present. Overall…a good track…but an album I really prefer to skip over.

Coming Home—-Lackluster and seemingly not a true Maiden track to me, I am not sure why the band even continued to struggle with compositions like this when things were so tense. You can almost feel the polar pull of the entities…sad…but the return was worth the break.

The Clansman—-I never cared for the original version of this song, I don’t care for this version either. The connotation was a mis-step and was not appreciated by me…..I do not like this track!

For The Greater Good Of God—-I’m not sure why this song is even a song…for a band who embraced less than religious doctrine in the past…this was like a slap in the face for me…I don’t understand it…nor do I care for it.

These Colors Don’t Run—-These are nice aggressive guitar chords…the tale is somewhat appropriate with the Confederate Flag controversy these days. The vocal is classic Bruce…the man can fucking sing. The Harris machine never seems to tire…this is fantastic…I do love this track!

Bring Your Daughter To The Slaughter—-Ugh….a complete failure…a sell-out and a hated track for me!!!!

Afraid To Shoot Strangers—-I love the strained vocal sound on this track after it finally kicks in. The live version of this song is so much better…it seems like the audiences love this track. The jangly bass line is very nice…I like the swirling sound. But all in all….most of the songs from the 10 years beore the split were uninspired and fake…at least for me.

Dance Of Death—-Returning to a deeper and more melodic sound, this is a pretty stellar track…I like the talk through vocal of the intro of the song. Bruce strains so hard…nothing ike Halford can do these days…but the guy can still sing. The guitar mastery is pretty fucking incredible. The noise and the wiry guitars are incredible….are Maiden still pertinent though?

When The Wild Wind Blows—-this entire compilation….as I see it…was a way for the band to cash in on the obsession that die hard fans have with the band. This is all redux…poorly selected and makes me lose respect for the Maiden machine. This is not a single, a fan favorite or even a great track!

*** out of 5

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