3 Inches Of Blood/Long Live Heavy Metal

Long Live Heavy Metal

3 Inches of Blood is a Canadian heavy metal band formed in 1999 in Victoria, British Columbia, last consisting of Cam Pipes, Justin Hagberg, Shane Clark, and Ash Pearson, none of whom were original members of the band. They are marked by strong influences from the New Wave of British Heavy Metal movement.

On June 2, 2015, the band announced it would disband following one final show to take place on November 7 at the Commodore Ballroom in their hometown.

The Analysis—-

Metal Woman—-Trademark and familiar sounds begin this final release from 3 Inches Of Blood. If nothing else, they have been very consistent and true to there original sound. The bass line and the drums are stellar on this track….then the voice enters the fray. There are few people that can scream like this man. The melody is incredible…a really nice start.

My Sword Will Not Sleep—-Bordering on a Thrash sound, this kicks off right from the start. The deeper dirtier vocal growl is nice…but the high screams are soon in place. Dealing even more with the Nordic obsession this band has, the song is pretty run of the mill. The guitar attack is stellar…but nothing really new here.

Leather Lord—-A deeper guitar sound at the onset, and then a monstrous growl. The scream returns and I wonder how the hell this guy can sing like this for extended periods of time. The song is powerful….even if just for the drum attack. The sound is pretty consistent…the vocal at times disappears into the barrage of music…but returns amid the growls to end the track.

Chief And The Blade—-A bit of a surprise at the onset of this track as we are treated to a slow acoustic guitar and what sounds like a flute!!! Really was not expecting that one…a very beautiful instrumental piece!!!

Dark Messenger—-Another surprising start to this track….but the gentleness does not stay in place as the barrage of music smacks your forehead. The voice returns…with some double tracking that makes it even larger. The music is nice and aggressive…but to be honest…that voice does become tiresome after a bit.

Look Out—-The fierce guitars open this track as usual…the voice soon follows. There is a nice underlying melody on this track that seems to plant itself in your brain. The sing a long chorus will play really well live. This is a stellar track…I really like this one.

4000 Torches—-With a nice bass intro this round, it adds a bit of diversity to a CD that already less than halfway through is lagging. The track is very very fast….not even sure how the vocal can stay up with the music. The entire band seems to join in on the vocal chorus…makes the song much larger….very nice.

Leave It On Ice—-Vocal right out of the gate…accompanied by a damn maniacal drum. This is old hat though…there is little new here. The music is acceptable…but the too consistent lyric content and the lack of musical showmanship becomes old. The vocalist is not always the star of the show!

Die For Gold [Upon The Burning Sea IV]—-This is nice…a galloping guitar adds to the song…actually giving it a different feel than we have become accustomed to. The mix and placement of the songs have worked…I’m not nearly as bored as I though I would be at this point…simply because the ¬†producer has added some diversity in the song placement.

Storming Juno—-Guitars seem to attack me from all sides as this track begins. I am growing weary of the too consistent vocal…and then we suddenly have a deeper more sinister voice emerge. Kudos for that. This is more of the same…but I guess that is why the fans return to this band still. This is nothing like Fire Up The Blades….the band seems to be out of ideas.

Men Of Fortune—-Higher pitched guitars and a much better melody lead off this track…the sway of the music is nice. The vocal even seems to be a bit more sedate…the double tracking adding to the melody that lies underneath of it all. The sing song chorus gets you wrapped up in the song…this is pretty nice…when the whole band joins the chorus…it is rather grand!

One For The Ditch—-Closing out this release….from what I understand, the swan song for them this track is begun with a gentle acoustic guitar and plaintive drum beat that leaves you a bit melancholy regardless how you approach this band. The silence is in stark contrast to the rest of this release…..and lest you be disappointed, the track does pick up tempo as it goes along….but it delivers a remarkable melody and poise that almost makes me sad. Good Night guys!

*** out of 5

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