The Stone Roses/The Stone Roses

The Stone Roses 20th Anniversary

The Stone Roses are an English rock band formed in Manchester in 1983. They were one of the pioneering groups of theMadchester movement that was active during the late 1980s and early 1990s. The band’s most successful lineup consists of vocalist Ian Brown, guitarist John Squire, bassist Mani, and drummer Reni.

The band released their debut album, The Stone Roses, in 1989. The album was a breakthrough success for the band and garnered critical acclaim, with many critics regarding it as one of the greatest British albums ever recorded. At this time the group decided to capitalise on their success by signing to a major label. Their current record label, Silvertone, would not let them out of their contract, which led to a long legal battle that culminated with the band signing with Geffen Records in 1991. The Stone Roses then released their second album, Second Coming, which was met with lacklustre reviews in 1994.[1] The group soon disbanded after several lineup changes throughout the supporting tour, which began with Reni first departing, followed by Squire.

Following much intensified media speculation,[2] The Stone Roses called a press conference on 18 October 2011 to announce that the band had reunited and would perform a reunion tour of the world in 2012, including three homecoming shows in Heaton Park, Manchester.[3][4] Plans to record a third album in the future were also floated.[5] In June 2012, Chris Coghill, the writer of the new film which is set during the Stone Roses 1990 Spike Island show, revealed that the band “have at least three or four new tracks recorded”.[6][7] In June 2013, a documentary about the band’s reformation directed by Shane Meadows and titled The Stone Roses: Made of Stone was released.

The Analysis—-

I Wanna Be Adored—-I can remember back to the day when I first heard the opening strains to this song that opens this masterpiece. None of us were sure what we were going to hear…now all of these years later…those wispy strains that open this track still gives me goosebumps. When Ian began to sing…we were transported to some other time and mood. The lyrics spoke to our angst…the mood was heavy…and we fell in love. To this day…I still cherish this release. The heavy laid guitars…the slight psychedelia…..a pure masterpiece.

She Bangs The Drum—-The jangly, carefree sound of the guitar from Squire ushers in this track that has a sense of urgency and importance. The 50’s sty-lings to the entire affair made me want to discover bands like The Byrds. This is a masterpiece of a song…the lyrics speak to me so deeply…..and the mood of the song…still inspires me to jump up and down like an idiot. Truly Music Matters!!!!

Waterfall—-With that stroke on the guitar, another masterpiece was born. This sticks to your brain and your ribs. The entire thing becomes like a runaway train working it’s way down the track. Squire and Brown were a force…they created masterpieces and then left. But when those voices combine on this song…my God…what a sound!

Don’t Stop—-A rather conglomerate mess to my ears, this really was always one of those tracks I skipped over every time I listened to this song. I know there is a story behind the whole damn thing…to me…it was rather annoying…just sayin’

Bye Bye Badman—-Again…we are treated to a huge throwback sound that damn…sitting here still puts a huge smile on my face. This is brilliantly pleasant and catchy. When the song picks up that magical steam…you find your legs moving faster and faster and your heart beating faster than thought possible. This CD fills me with joy…and a huge longing for a simpler time.

Elizabeth My Dear—-Reminding me of a classic Simon and Garfunkel tune…short, sweet and rips your heart out.

Sugar Spun Sister—-Huge…from the opening notes…the electric sound of the guitar spurs the song to greater and greater heights. The subtle lyrics…make you sit back and ponder the entire meaning of the entire damn thing. This is, was and always will be a classic track that defined 1989-1990. I was there…thank you God!

Made Of Stone—-Taking you back down memory lane to a kinder and gentler world….the song begins well enough…but as it picks up…it becomes a miracle. The joy I feel…even with the lyrics is palatable. There are few records that can still elicit such response from me….I have heard it thousands of times…but I am still trying to type with tears in my eyes. A true definition of a classic.

Shoot You Down—-Although this has never been a huge favorite track of mine on this release, the song placement makes the entire thing flow like a smooth Georgia creek. The vocal is fantastic…the guitar breaks are masterful…and the wispy airy sound is just incredible.

This Is The One—-Without a doubt or question, this has been and will always be my favorite Roses track….even over Sally Cinnamon. The feeling….well it is my theme song to my partner….because he was the one i waited 20 years for…so it is rather personal. The feeling is indescribable when I hear this track. This is a masterpiece in my book…even if it is for pure selfish reasons.

Resurrection—-Another very favorite track of mine…for the energy…the sentiment and the powerful drumming that takes place through the entire thing. This is monumental…the song builds and builds and leaves me in a heap on the floor when it all ends. This is a joyous contagious joy that is not necessarily called for…but the music puts you there anyways. Just brilliant.

Fool’s Gold—-Never a favorite…but important in the evolution of the band. The musicianship seems a bit weak and programmed..although Squire manages some rather funky sounds here and there. I will take it…but I usually skip this and go back to the beginning.

***** out of 5 [!!!!!]

Ghost B.C./Infestissumam [Deluxe Edition]

Infestissumam [LP][Explicit]

Ghost (formerly known as Ghost B.C. in the United States) is a Swedish heavy metal band that was formed in Linköping in 2008.[1]In 2010, they released a 3-track demo followed by a 7″ vinyl titled “Elizabeth,” and later their debut full-length album Opus Eponymous. The Grammis-nominated album was widely praised and increased their popularity significantly. Their second album and major label debut Infestissumam was released in 2013, debuted at number one in Sweden, and won the Grammis Award for Best Hard Rock/Metal Album.

Ghost are easily recognizable because of their eccentric on-stage presence. Five of the group’s six members wear hooded robes and the vocalist appears wearing skull make-up and dressed as a “demonic anti-Pope”.[2] The band’s members keep their identities secret and their names have not been publicly disclosed; the vocalist calls himself Papa Emeritus and the musicians are referred to only as Nameless Ghouls.

The Analysis—-

Infestissumam—-I am a new comer to this band…but I have quickly fallen in love with them. There is a huge mysticism associated with them…but the music is almost mainstream metal that resonates with me at an incredible level. The vocals on this track are understated…the high guitars remind me of Iron Maiden…the melody is damn contagious…..I am definetly a convert!

Per Aspera Ad Inferi—-Melding from the opening track, this is a bit more bass heavy…but the vocal is so damn pleasant…is this even Heavy Metal? I am sucked in by the constant melody and the easiness of the listening process. The band joins in on the chorus…adding huge body to the sound and the sway of the song. This is stellar!

Secular Haze—-This begins with an almost circus mantra…then the melody kicks in and the song becomes something of beauty. This is laid back and pleasant…even though there are some really nice Metal moments. I just love this band. Not sure where I have been all this time. The vocal is stellar…you can catch and understand every word…imagine that!

Jigolo Har Megiddo—-At once catchy and accessible, the voice is so damn pleasant and clear. My God…I love the mood changes as the song progresses. The drums are very large but manage to remain understated. The musical mix is far back in the music…it is stellar in sound and delivery!

Ghuleh/Zombie Queen—-With a gentle piano intro, this band is still full of surprises for me. So many smooth mood changes on this track…my goodness….what a stellar band. You can catch every word…at times the music produced is damn beautiful. I am in awe of this group!!!

Year Zero—-Huge with nice references to THE DEVIL!!!! Sometimes it comes across as humorous because the music is so damn pleasant and accessible I’m not even sure at this point if I am supposed to take this band seriously…or if it is all a big joke…all I know is I really like it…so let the joke be on me.I think there is even vo-codor on here…go figure.

Body And Blood—-The surprises continue…with a huge intro, this has become one of my favorite tracks from this release….is this really Metal…I can’t quite decide…it has so many other mixtures involved. The lyrics are dark enough…but the music is so contradictory. I just know I love it!!!

Idolatrine—- Picking up good steam with this track, there is a vocal harmony that is almost to pleasant. How can this all be real!!!! I get so confused with this band….sometimes they sing about the devil…sometimes about God…can someone explain all this too me. An extraordinary track at any rate.

Depth Of Satan’s Eyes—-With a bit more of an aggressive edge, the vocals smooth things out. When the chorus kicks in and the whole band joins in…it is almost a damn catchy pop song. This is incredible…I will be listening to this for awhile…already pre-ordered the new release.

Monstrance Clock—-With a mystical feel, the vocal seems a bit more cloudy to me….but the melody is just incredible. I just am not sure how to take this band….I just know I am infatuated!

La Montra Mori—-this has a heavy mysterious feel to it…despite the pleasant vocal. There seems to be a deeper sound that travels through this song. I like it…but I’m still unsure how serious to take all of this. I won’t stop this band though….a great discovery for me.

I’m A Marionette—-Huge drums issue in the intro to this track….the vocal is pleasant as always..but the guitars seem a bit more aggressive. I love the throwback sound to this band. I can’t believe it took me so long.

Secular Haze—-Rounding this release out from a track from the EP release I think, the guitars are fantastic…shifting and adding a darkness to the sound of the band. The drums come in here and there and the sound is fantastic. A really great find for me!!!

****3/4 out of 5

3 Inches Of Blood/Long Live Heavy Metal

Long Live Heavy Metal

3 Inches of Blood is a Canadian heavy metal band formed in 1999 in Victoria, British Columbia, last consisting of Cam Pipes, Justin Hagberg, Shane Clark, and Ash Pearson, none of whom were original members of the band. They are marked by strong influences from the New Wave of British Heavy Metal movement.

On June 2, 2015, the band announced it would disband following one final show to take place on November 7 at the Commodore Ballroom in their hometown.

The Analysis—-

Metal Woman—-Trademark and familiar sounds begin this final release from 3 Inches Of Blood. If nothing else, they have been very consistent and true to there original sound. The bass line and the drums are stellar on this track….then the voice enters the fray. There are few people that can scream like this man. The melody is incredible…a really nice start.

My Sword Will Not Sleep—-Bordering on a Thrash sound, this kicks off right from the start. The deeper dirtier vocal growl is nice…but the high screams are soon in place. Dealing even more with the Nordic obsession this band has, the song is pretty run of the mill. The guitar attack is stellar…but nothing really new here.

Leather Lord—-A deeper guitar sound at the onset, and then a monstrous growl. The scream returns and I wonder how the hell this guy can sing like this for extended periods of time. The song is powerful….even if just for the drum attack. The sound is pretty consistent…the vocal at times disappears into the barrage of music…but returns amid the growls to end the track.

Chief And The Blade—-A bit of a surprise at the onset of this track as we are treated to a slow acoustic guitar and what sounds like a flute!!! Really was not expecting that one…a very beautiful instrumental piece!!!

Dark Messenger—-Another surprising start to this track….but the gentleness does not stay in place as the barrage of music smacks your forehead. The voice returns…with some double tracking that makes it even larger. The music is nice and aggressive…but to be honest…that voice does become tiresome after a bit.

Look Out—-The fierce guitars open this track as usual…the voice soon follows. There is a nice underlying melody on this track that seems to plant itself in your brain. The sing a long chorus will play really well live. This is a stellar track…I really like this one.

4000 Torches—-With a nice bass intro this round, it adds a bit of diversity to a CD that already less than halfway through is lagging. The track is very very fast….not even sure how the vocal can stay up with the music. The entire band seems to join in on the vocal chorus…makes the song much larger….very nice.

Leave It On Ice—-Vocal right out of the gate…accompanied by a damn maniacal drum. This is old hat though…there is little new here. The music is acceptable…but the too consistent lyric content and the lack of musical showmanship becomes old. The vocalist is not always the star of the show!

Die For Gold [Upon The Burning Sea IV]—-This is nice…a galloping guitar adds to the song…actually giving it a different feel than we have become accustomed to. The mix and placement of the songs have worked…I’m not nearly as bored as I though I would be at this point…simply because the  producer has added some diversity in the song placement.

Storming Juno—-Guitars seem to attack me from all sides as this track begins. I am growing weary of the too consistent vocal…and then we suddenly have a deeper more sinister voice emerge. Kudos for that. This is more of the same…but I guess that is why the fans return to this band still. This is nothing like Fire Up The Blades….the band seems to be out of ideas.

Men Of Fortune—-Higher pitched guitars and a much better melody lead off this track…the sway of the music is nice. The vocal even seems to be a bit more sedate…the double tracking adding to the melody that lies underneath of it all. The sing song chorus gets you wrapped up in the song…this is pretty nice…when the whole band joins the chorus…it is rather grand!

One For The Ditch—-Closing out this release….from what I understand, the swan song for them this track is begun with a gentle acoustic guitar and plaintive drum beat that leaves you a bit melancholy regardless how you approach this band. The silence is in stark contrast to the rest of this release…..and lest you be disappointed, the track does pick up tempo as it goes along….but it delivers a remarkable melody and poise that almost makes me sad. Good Night guys!

*** out of 5

Indigo Girls/One Lost Day

One Lost Day

Indigo Girls are an American folk rock music duo consisting of Amy Ray and Emily Saliers. They met in elementary school and began performing together as high school students in Decatur, Georgia, part of the Atlanta metropolitan area. They started performing with the name Indigo Girls as students at Emory University, performing weekly at The Dugout, a bar in Emory Village.

They released a self-produced, full-length record album in 1987 and contracted with a major record company in 1988. After releasing nine albums with major record labels from 1987 through 2007, they have now resumed self-producing albums with their own IG Recordings company.

Outside of working on Indigo Girls-related projects, Ray has released solo albums and founded a non profit organization that promotes independent musicians, while Saliers is an entrepreneur in the restaurant industry as well as a professional author; she also collaborates with her father, Don Saliers, in performing for special groups and causes. Both Saliers and Ray identify as lesbian and are active in political and environmental causes.

The Analysis—-

Elizabeth—-Opening with a slight electric feel, the harmonies are so light and welcome. The double track vocal…one lying under the other…takes me back to an early sound we have not heard in a spell. This is slight…sad…a bit electric…but priceless at the same time. The country feel is fantastic!

Happy In The Sorrow Key—-Really not the way I like the girls…this is much more an Amy Ray style solo song. The double layered vocals are nice…but I really appreciate the folk elements of this band more than the electrified versions of songs. I don’t hate it…but it is a track I skip over.

Southern California Is Your Girlfriend—-subtle and gentle….I always like it when Emily takes the lead on a song. Her voice is so much more gentle and pure. I love the double vocals…like they sing in an old fashioned round. The guitars are understated and not obnoxious….I just love this band….

Texas Was Clean—-Wow….a huge throwback to the gentle sound I adore so much. The voices blend and reach for each other…the guitars cry with the sadness that melts from the lyrics…this is just damn near perfect. I missed the last record…have to track it down…but to me…this is a classic Indigo Girls release…..damn near perfect!

Alberta—-Reaching in my chest and grabbing my heart, this release keeps surprising me. The sound is melancholy…the double vocals are better and more practiced than ever before. This is beautifully layered music that makes me want to cry…smile…laugh and sob….just brilliant!

Olympia Inn—-Returning to the Amy Ray electric sound, this is an adequate track…but the folksy sound is not intact when they go off on electric guitar tangents. I don’t hate it…but there are so many Indigo records I never listen to because the abandoned the roots that made them incredible. I like the romping sound that the keyboards add though.

If I Don’t Leave Here Now—-Stripped down and naked….this is what I have been begging for. This is slight…beautiful and quiet…making me tear up and smile at the same time. Pain can be happy and sad….this makes me feel at home!

Spread The Pain Around—-Just brilliant…..Amy delivers that deeper voice of hers and is joined with a slight subtle backdrop from Emily. I respect this band…they never super-impose surnames to make them masculine…they are pure and true to themselves. This is remarkably naked…real and painful…you can’t hide from the truth of the song…the pain and loneliness is real.

Learned It On Me—-A bit more electric again…but the melody is damn catchy. When these two voices combine, it is like a magical trip in melancholy and introspection. the keyboards they have added to the mix give them a new dynamic…makes it even more diverse than before…this is exquisite.

The Rise Of The Black Messiah—-I wish sometimes I knew all of the hidden messages of all of these songs. this o me speaks of the horrible racism we live in…the inequality…the sadness of living in a Country that still discriminates. The words make tears spring to my eyes…this is sad…real and a horrible commentary to the place we live in.

Findlay, Ohio 1968—-Huge swells usher in this track……I grew up not far from Findlay in Ohio…and the ale that is woven here is damn near perfect. This is Midwest folklore that is almost ver batim…..a true tale of the Midwest life that is like nothing I have ever heard. This is damn remarkable…really…can one possibly miss Ohio?

Fishtails—-With that remarkable smoky voice…..bringing me right back to my current Georgia home…this is sweet….melancholy and lonely. There are horns….there is a desolation….making you want to fish and find a swimming hole…better than the backyard pool. This is summer…..heat and a joyful celebration of the South.

Come A Long Way—-Countrified and sad….with a bit of a rockin sound. The double tracked vocals are just incredible…making me want to pull out every release they have just to feel comfort again. This is beautifully stripped down…a magical return to form and a feeling like they never were too far from your brain….remarkable!

****1/2 out of 5

A General Post!

I appreciate all those who have been following my blog…commenting…reading and sharing. I apologize for my lack of activity as of late. Being here in Southern Georgia, Summer happens…with 5+ acres there is always something to be done even when you think you are done. I am in the process of inventorying my 6000+ CD collection…so some of my post coming up may seem old and outdated…but I always amass new releases and will get back to a regular posting schedule. Don’t give up….I will continue to post as much as I can!

Breaking Benjamin/Dark Before Dawn

Dark Before Dawn

Breaking Benjamin is an American rock band founded in 1998 by Benjamin Burnley in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. Having outlasted significant lineup changes, Burnley is the only founding member remaining in the band, and serves as the primary songwriter, lead vocalist, and guitarist. He is currently accompanied by bassist and backing vocalist Aaron Bruch, guitarist and backing vocalist Keith Wallen, guitarist Jasen Rauch, and drummer Shaun Foist. The band has released five studio albums: Saturate(2002), We Are Not Alone (2004), Phobia (2006), Dear Agony (2009), and Dark Before Dawn (2015), collectively selling over 7 million units in the United States alone.[1] In 2010, the band entered a hiatus due to health and legal issues. A best hits compilation album was also released in 2011. In 2014, the band reformed with its current lineup and released its fifth studio album following hiatus.

Since signing to Hollywood Records in 2002, Breaking Benjamin has produced two platinum records, one gold record, and one gold single in the United States. Among the group’s most successful charting albums include Phobia, which reached No. 1 on the Top Digital Albums and Top Rock Albums charts, as well as Dear Agony, which reached No. 1 on the Top Alternative Albums and Top Hard Rock Albums charts. Shallow Bay: The Best of Breaking Benjamin also topped the Hard Rock Albums chart for three consecutive years from 2011 to 2013. These records and others have spawned a string of chart-topping singles as well.

The Analysis—-

Dark—-At once, this is familiar and welcoming. I have become a HUGE fan of this band and have missed them incredibly It is nice to hear a familiarity still exists in the band…even though it is practically a ‘new’ entity. I welcome them home…this intro is just a promise of what is to come..

Failure—-This lead-off single is exactly what I was hoping for. The band maintains it’s sound….damn…Ben can sing like no one else. The crunch of his vocal is intact and the mix of backdrop vocals makes the sound even beefier. This is just incredible. I try not to read to far into the lyrics…I know this record is personal and full of innuendo of the past legal battles…but this is like a fresh breath of air…so pleased!!!

Angels Fall—-The sharp guitars with the deep bass line begins this track….the voice comes in…quet but so powerful. The words are deep and intense…there still seems to be some sadness hanging around. The double layered voice is incredible…this is better than the best…this band is fully intact and delivering music they should be proud of. The guitars are nicely intense without drowning out everything…just exquisite!

Breaking The Silence—-Ben opens his vocal sounding clear and concise…the guitars are bursts and then all of a sudden you get a deep growling vocal that has not been heard on a BB release in forever. The vocal gives the song that needed anger…this is just stellar…my God there is some nice anger here….

Hollow—-stripped down and lonely at the onset, the song opens up after the first bar…but the angst and hurt is palatable. Ben has a certain way of phrasing his words and accentuating his voice with a crunch I have never heard from other vocalist. This is a stellar track…fresh but what the fans needed to hear…this s incredible!

Close To Heaven—-With a nice guitar static…Ben brings smile after smile to my face as he delivers stellar track after stellar track. This has an incredible harmony that is bolstered by the vocal…this is just beautifully constructed…sad…angry…introspective…..just incredible!!!

Bury Me Alive—-Guitars pushed way to the back at the onset come forward and smack you in the forehead. The whispered vocal is kind of odd….I’m not sure about that. But the death growl is there and all of the sudden the magic melodic vocal s fully intact. This is stellar…I love that fucking growl….just like the early days….fantastic.

Never Again—-That wonderfully familiar bass line begins the song and delivers even more classic sounds from this band. This is a true return to form…sometimes…I think you must have to step back and regroup…it has served Ben very well….ths band is stronger than it has ever been…beefier and better….just fantastic!

The Great Divide—-Aggressive right from the onset, the voice enters a bit sedate with further tales of alienation and disappointment. The songs on this release…although heavy…manage to sound beautiful and incredibly genuine. I truly love this band….I hope to catch them live…finally.

Ashes Of Eden—-Gentle acoustic sounds introduce this track….simple and stripped down. Ben enters with his is laden with sadness and a melancholy that just touches my heart….how magnificent is this…..such a heartfelt delivery….this is something of a miracle….the sensitivity and the wonderful emotion….damn…I love a guy who can feel!!!

Defeated—-Returning to a full on assault, the voice seems double tracked and moved to the rear of the mix a bit. I hear the drums more than anything else. The chorus is huge…reminding me of So Cold….this is a ‘comeback’ track as Ben declares himself no longer defeated…..he has championed and I am glad. If you like this band even a little….you must own this release!

Dawn—-Coming out of the silence with a heartbeat and gentle acoustic guitar, this is still familiar and signifies the end of what has been a very long and arduous journey for the front man of this band…but he persevered….returned and made a release that he can be proud of for a very long time….a brilliant record!

***** out of 5 [!!!!!]

Giorgio Moroder/ Deja Vu

giorgio moroder deja vu 2015

Giovanni Giorgio Moroder (Italian: [dʒoˈvanni ˈdʒordʒo ˈmɔːroder], born 26 April 1940 in Urtijëi)[1][2] is an Italian record producer, songwriter, performer and DJ. Moroder is frequently credited with pioneering synth disco and electronic dance music.[according to whom?]

When in Munich in the 1970s, he started his own record label called Oasis Records, which several years later became a subdivision of Casablanca Records. He produced huge hits for Donna Summer during the late-1970s disco era, including “Bad Girls“, “Last Dance“, “Love to Love You Baby“, “No More Tears (Enough Is Enough)“, “Dim All the Lights“, “MacArthur Park“, “Hot Stuff“, “On the Radio“, and “I Feel Love“, and is the founder of the former Musicland Studios in Munich, a recording studio used by many renowned artists including Electric Light Orchestra, Led Zeppelin, Queen and Elton John.

Moroder also produced a number of electronic disco hits for the Three Degrees, two albums for Sparks, and a handful of songs onBonnie Tyler‘s album Bitterblue as well as her 1985 single “Here She Comes“. Moroder also created a score of songs for performers including David Bowie, Kylie Minogue, Irene Cara, Madleen Kane, Melissa Manchester, Blondie, Japan, and France Joli.

He has stated that the work of which he is most proud is Berlin’s “Take My Breath Away”.[

Déjà Vu is the 17th overall studio album by Giorgio Moroder released on 12 June 2015.[1] It features collaborations with Kylie Minogue, Britney Spears, Kelis, Sia, Charli XCX, Mikky Ekko, Foxes and Matthew Koma, among others.[2] On 20 January 2015, the collaboration with Kylie Minogue, “Right Here, Right Now“, was officially released, along with a video teaser.

The Analysis—-

4 U With Love—-Opening this long awaited opus, Moroder delivers a huge synth heavy dance classic that is laden with updated blips and beeps. The slight hysteria to the music make it appear as something constructed by a man half his age…the entire feel of the track reminds you that the finger has never been off the pulse of what moves the public.

Deja Vu [Featuring Sia]—-With a slight throwback sound to the 70’s heyday, Sia enters with her vocal and gives the track a haunting sound. The chorus s a double tracked affair that becomes larger and larger. Sia delivers line after line of slight pained vocals that makes me smile and want to jump out of this chair and go crazy….this is brilliant!

Diamonds [Featuring Charlie XCX]—-Much deeper in sound at the onset, the robotic voice is perfectly matched with the lazy vocal from Charlie. The chorus never becomes quite as large as I hoped it would be….but this is still magnificent…even if just for the overlay-ed synths that almost overload the song….its a keeper!

Don’t Let Go [Featuring Mikky Ekko]—-A nice down beat tempo kicks off this track…the voice reminding me of Adam Levine! The synth that runs through the backdrop is pleasant…but the entire thing seems a bit like filler to me. The chorus hits you finally and makes you feel a bit joyous and carefree. A perfect summer soundtrack!

Right Here, Right Now [Featuring Kylie Minogue]—-Skeptical at the onset…never have been a Kylie fan….ever. Her pseudo-baby doll vocal is wasted on me. The music is wonderful as you would expect…but the voice is wasted on me. This is a catchy anthem….sure to be huge in the gay clubs this summer….but not here.

Tempted [Featuring Matthew Koma]—-With a slight funk back drop, this is nice….some vo-coder vocals add to the body of the song and makes it even more pleasant. The music is probably the weakest on this release…which is not to say it is horrible…but I don’t see it being on heavy rotation in my ears.

74 Is The New 24—-With beats reminiscent of the Summer days, Moroder tackles this one on his own…and does it masterfully. Sounding like a Daft Punk collaboration, the music shuffles and shifts magically through the entire thing. There is that magical sound of disco beats that brings back floods of memories…this is spectacular!

Tom’s Diner [Featuring Britney Spears]—-True to the Vega original, resurrecting this track with Britney is/was in a word….fucking brilliant. Need I say anymore….this is stellar and a huge favorite of mine…..just incredible! the double track vocals give the song a big muscular sound….Britney sounds incredible…the feeling is something of wonder….I love this!!!

Wildstar [Featuring Foxes]—-Huge sweeping synths begin the track…the vocal comes in…leading me to believe this will be a huge crashing track….the music is pleasant enough…but the majority of the song is a bit mundane. I don’t really care for the vocal to be honest…this is a bit of a let-down….but missteps are permitted

Back And Forth [Featuring Kelis]—-.One of the first tracks cut for this release, it is predictable if nothing else. The sound is joyous and exciting. Full of little blips and beeps and a shuffling sound, the vocal does little to add to the power of the song. All you really need is that huge chorus to drive you along. Still very nice.

I Do This For You [Featuring Marlene]—-A little too much of a good thing, this release could have been shorter at times. Although I will say, this vocal is big and powerful…driven by the hollow and simple synth lines. This is pleasant and tends to grow on you after continued listens.

La Disco—-Ending this release with a spectacular track, Moroder reminds us that he is still relevant and important to the musical landscape. This has a nice synth line…a bit of funk and a galloping undercurrent that makes me smile endlessly…really a spectacular track!

**** out of 5