Tom DeLonge/To The Stars…..Demos, Odds And Ends

To the Stars... Demos, Odds and EndsTo the Stars… Demos, Odds and Ends (often shortened to To the Stars) is the debut studio album by Tom DeLonge. It was released on April 21, 2015 (following his departure from Blink-182 in January 2015) through DeLonge’s multimedia company also titled To the Stars.[1] The album To the Stars is said to contain tracks from DeLonge’s “personal stash,”[1] which may include somere-recorded[citation needed] demos for Blink-182’s cancelled 2015 studio album.[2][3] The album also contains tracks originally intended for Angels and Airwaves.[4] The eight-song album was released on vinyl, CD and digital formats.

The Analysis—-

New World—-Obviously, a track for Blink that was not recorded. This lacks the huge Angels & Airwaves sound….the recording is under produced and is missing the whine that DeLonge is known for. This is far more aggressive than other material he has produced as of late. I don’t always like this track…depends on the day…lol. I’m not disappointed….but I don’t agree with the grasping of straws to make a new release.

An Endless Summer—-This is better for me….that bigger sound…with the huge feel seems much more intact. The voice seems pushed way to the rear of the musical mix….leaning on pure unproduced demo. The voice really kicks in and makes me smile…I truly love Angels so much…so when I get that hint of that sound…I walk around with a smile on my face…happy as I can be.

Suburban Kings—-There you go again Tom…with that shuffle beat and the blips and beeps….the whine of the vocal…the warm feeling that makes me secretly smile to myself. This is almost damn brilliant. The chorus is a huge affair that makes me feel so solitary…happy and huge. This takes over my whole body…if this is a demo….damn I want to hear the finished affair…I might die!!! I fuckin’ love this!!!

The Invisible Parade—-With an acoustic intro, the song seems to find an introspective Tom…..the vocal is so rough though…unpolished and somewhat out of tune…making me wonder why the rush to release this stuff before properly being finished. No doubt…I DO NOT hate this…but it is not the quality I have come to expect from this almost genius man….I wish this was better recorded.

Circle-Jerk-Pit—-Electric….aggressive and 100% pure punk rock. Wow…I was blown away the first time I heard this. The voice is strong as fuck…the urgency is crazy and the speed of the music is like Blink was when they began all of those years ago….Take a note Billie Armstrong…this is punk rock!!!

Landscapes—-Filled with a space feel and atmosphere, I think about the first time I ever heard Angels & Airwaves…that build up in every song as you waited for it to begin…this is that classic type of song….except it never really gets off the ground….I think this was all a way to get people to buy an idea that was not really there.

Animals—-With a heavier bass-line, this has a certain feel to it that never really seems to come to form. I think this track has clear high points…the overlay ed large sound of the vocal at times…but the whole damn thing sounds so unfinished…I expect such quality from Tom…I’m left feeling rather empty….

Golden Showers—-Urgency and a damn happy energetic feel….this has a redeeming quality to the misfit matches that made up this lackluster mini CD….I like the speed…the familar voice…but overall…I’m left feeling damn empty and disappointed!

*** out of 5

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