My Morning Jacket/The Waterfall [Deluxe Edition]

The Waterfall (Deluxe)My Morning Jacket is an American rock band from Louisville, Kentucky. The band consists of Jim James (singer-songwriter, guitarist), Tom ‘Two-Tone Tommy’ Blankenship (bassist), Patrick Hallahan (drummer), Carl Broemel (guitarist, pedal steel guitarist, saxophonist, vocalist), and Bo Koster (keyboardist, percussionist, vocalist).

The Analysis—-

Believe [Nobody Knows]—-This release has been a long time coming…and from the first words from Jim I feel elated. The entire track is typical of MMJ….sedate and building to a huge elated chorus that offers a stellar vocal…a slight fuzz and a huge drum line. This is a wonderful return….just incredible.

Compound Fracture—-Beginning with a nice drum line, the music is a higher and clearer sounding than the previous track. Jim James delivers that incredible high clear vocal of his while the rest of the band bolsters the track with background voices. The song sways nicely…allowing you to lose yourself in a summer daydream as it continues…this is a great landscapes for sun worshiping

Life Is A River—-.With a gentle and introspective guitar intro, the voice follows with a clear and beautiful tale. The song really does seem to transport you to a flowing river and it is again so easy to lose yourself in the beauty of this band. This is classic, wonderful…understated yet powerful.

In It’s Infancy [The Waterfall]—-A huge cymbal crash ushers in the track…with what seems like layers of music running underneath the whole thing. A fuzzy guitar ushers in the lower ranged vocal…reminding me of the class Monsters Of Folk CD. This is laid back and breezy….just about perfect.

Get The Point—-A lone acoustic guitar bring in the track and the voice is laid back and relaxed. You get line after line of lyrics that make you ponder life and the meaning of the whole dam thing. This seems to be a poignant love song to some person or the other as the relationship comes to a close. There is a nice Alt-Country feel to the track…with the steel guitar wobbling in the backdrop….another beautiful track.

Spring [Among The Living]—-Sticking true to the majority sound of this release, this track manages to pick up the pace a bit….bringing back a bit of instrumental noise that has been missing from the last few tracks. The voice seems pushed to the back of the mix…letting the music really take over your ears. This is nice.

Thin Line—-With a huge guitar line ushering in a lazy drum line, this track is wavy and relaxed. The upper register is back and sounds as stellar as ever. The drum line is pushed forward…always i your ear…even over the joined voices that combine to create a huge wall of sound. This is classic stuff….

Big Decisions—-Beginning with a low hum, the track quiets a moment…but in a second springs back to life with big guitars and an ever present drum line. The band is at it’s best when all the voices come together, and this is no exception. there is still that Country steel guitar whine in the background…rounding out the song like only this band can do…well worth the wait.

Topics—-Returning to a smaller and more intimate sound, this track has a most beautiful guitar line running through the center of the track. It takes an almost painful period of time for the vocal to emerge…but it eventually does and it is worth the wait. This song is quieter but manages to sound huge…..the mood swings are impeccable…a triumph.

Only Memories Remain—-Sedate and with a slight blues tinge to the track, this is stark and rather brilliant. The lyrics are just classic….making you think about the meaning of every word…because they are crystal clear and concise. I love this band..they have never let me down.

Hillside Song [Bonus Track]—-Stark and incredibly beautiful at the onset, this is Alt-Country at its finest. The vocal is so far to the front of the mix. This is beautifully simple but is so damn powerful….a classic track that is just stellar. This is quiet and wonderfully comforting.

Compound Fracture [Remix]—-Beefing up the sound a bit, this stays true to the original mix for the most part. The main guitar line seems moved up further into the mix but it really just seems to be filler to coerce consumers to buy the Deluxe Edition. I’m not mad though!!1

I Can’t Wait [Bonus Track]—-Gentle and introspective, the vocal seems overlay-ed and beefier to me. The instrumentation is fairly stark…relying mainly on percussion to balance everything out. This is right there with the Alt-Country feel of most of the release and it is one of my favorites on this CD.

Only Memories Remain [Remix]—-Even more stripped down and stark than the original version, this really does transport you somewhere else n your mind. The added vocals add layers and layers to the emotion of the song…this is just beautiful…simple yet very complicated.

***** out of 5

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