Kate Pierson/Guitars And Microphones

Guitars & Microphones

Catherine Elizabeth “Kate” Pierson (born April 27, 1948) is an American vocalist, lyricist, and one of the lead singers and founding members of The B-52’s. A multi-instrumentalists, she played guitar, bass and various keyboard instruments. In the B-52s, she has performed alongside Cindy Wilson, Fred Schneider, Ricky Wilson, and Keith Strickland.

In February 2015, Pierson released her first solo album, Guitars and Microphones, featuring material co-written by Sia Furler.

The Analysis—-

Throw Down The Roses—-It is almost impossible to differentiate Kate from her ‘other band’…but she really grabs the horse by the reins with this one and delivers a great opening track. Keeping hold of the beach sound and he fun that she has always done, this song seems rather huge. It is fun…energetic…yet emotional…almost like she is declaring her independence….this is brilliant.

Mister Sister—-Regardless of what anyone says or even Kate says herself…this is a transgender anthem if I have ever heard one. This has a musical track that is wonderful..an energy you cant escape and a message that is clear. This is a brilliant song….I loved it from the moment I heard it….I’ve never worn a dress…but I might now…..just kidding!

Guitars And Microphones—- With a fantastic xylophone intro that gives way to a surf sound to form the song, Pierson enters with that distinctive vocal that stays in your brain. This is wonderfully catchy, energetic and better than anything the ‘other band’ has managed n some years. This vocal travels too….she can sing pretty damn fast!

Crush Me With Your Love—- From the very first few notes, you know this is going to be brilliant. The song has a minimal sound but there is not much additive needed when you have that voice. This has layers, emotion and a message that is meaningful. This is so much fun…I love this CD….it’s about time we get this…now its Cindy’s turn!!!

Bottoms Up—-With a revved up type of musical delivery, this song is a little flat for me. I like the double layered vocal …it tends to pump up the production a bit. The chorus is fun.,,,but this is neither here nor there for me.

Bring Your Arms—-Written with powerhouse Sia, and indeed…..this has that sound all over it….I think this may be my favorite track on this release. It is full…layered with backdrop vocals…a minimal instrumentation that fits the mood of the song…this is damn brilliant!

Wolves—-The voice is there before you hear the slightest sound of music. This is stark and intense…perhaps the closest you will come to a love song from Kate. this is beautiful and layered with emotion…also involved by Sia…so the message does not deviate from the aforementioned artist music….but Pierson does make it her own…this is a wonderful wonderful song….I will listen to this over and over.

Matrix—-Still a bit downbeat, but returning to a more fun feel. The last half of this CD seems like it might be a catharsis of Kate…allowing her to free herself from some demons…isn’t that what music does though…whether you listen or create….MUSIC MATTERS!

Time Wave Zero—-Back into the pure fun filled force that drove the B-52’s. This track is full of references to stars…outer space and things I don’t really understand…how brilliant though. The double tracked vocal makes this delivery huge…I adore this…..not a negative to say….reminds me of 6060842…..

Pull You Under—-Wow……fuckin wow…..Pierson delivers a 50’s inspired song that lends the talents of her voice in an almost magical way…this is a brilliant closer….reminding you that talent goes much further than singing back-up for a band. This is wonderfully beautiful, contagious and an example that we need more!!!

**** out of 5

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