Bleachers/Strange Desire

Bleachers is an American indie pop act based in New York City that was formed by Jack Antonoff, of Steel Train and Fun. Their first single, “I Wanna Get Better“, was released February 18, 2014.

The Analysis—-

Wild Heart—-Wonderfully minimal at the onset, this is a layered and beautiful intro to this release. The vocal is a bit pushed to the back of the mix…but it is still very much intact. Not that entirely different from Fun, this song opens up at the chorus and becomes much larger than you thought possible. This will land in your forehead and stay there…requiring listen after listen. This is wonderfully 80’s inspired…with a sound that makes me think of Ultravox….right up my alley!

Roller Coaster—-Well… can’t get more 80’s inspired than this. This is freakin’ brilliant…the mood..the synth…the sway of the music. The huge chorus…this is just magnificent….the voice is familiar enough to make you comfortable…the music is current but retro….giving you everything you need. When the chorus hits…you WILL join in on the sing-a-long affair!

Shadow—-I hate to be repetitive….but this is so brilliantly retro…you can’t escape the memories of carefree youth and wild abandon. Ths makes me want to celebrate…sing at the top of my lungs and celebrate the day that has turned into summer. This is fantastic…so much great music  have lying around I have never heard…this is a prime example.

I Wanna Get Better—-With a huge pano intro that is full of static, this lead off single is just fantastic. The lyrics come at you so rapid fire it will be hard to keep up….but the urgency matches the music incredibly well. When the chorus hits…jeez…you will be swept up in the entire mood…this is freaking brilliant! I love this CD!!!!

Wake Me—-With a nice downbeat feel to the intro of the song, this is pure pop mastery…making me happy even though the music is less than cheerful. This is brilliantly layered with a guitar that is jangly….but with a bass line that portrays the seriousness of the song. This is so well constructed……the chorus is quiet and painful……you will be swept up with the first listen.

Reckless Love—-Full throttle back to the 80’s….a vocal that reminds me of Phillip Oakey from The Human League….a wonderfully textured synth sound. This is a damn brilliant release….why have i had this sitting around for all these months and never listened to it….I’m disappointed with myself. This is almost like a continuous orgasm for me…reminding me of all the things I loved most about the 80’s….a true triumph.

Take Me Away—-Deviating a bit from most of the tracks thus far, this sounds much more like aforementioned band FUN than the rest of the material….which is not a bad thing. This song has a huge chorus and a hook that stays with you for a very long time…this is damn brilliant. The female vocal gives the song a heavier, larger sound…there are few faults found with this entire affair.

Like A River Runs—-With a jangly U2 style guitar, the intro and first bars of this songs promises it to be huge….and you will not feel disappointed. This is incredibly huge and retro….giving me goosebumps with the lazy, comfortable vocal….the lines and words come easy…the combined vocals are fantastic! I love this shit!!!

You’re Still A Mystery—-This sounds so like Ultravox……damn. The staccato beat and the smooth minimal vocal is just incredible. I can’t find enough words to portray how pleasing this entire CD is to the palate that I have refined when it comes to 80’s styled music. This is brilliant…happy…..sad….deep…fun……all in three minutes!

Ready To Move On—-This is a misstep for me…the song seems to disjointed and unorganized to me. The female vocal is out of place for me and lent nothing to a great instrumentation……it can’t be perfect…right?

Who I Want You To Love—-Ending the release a bit downbeat…but still leaving a great taste in my brain….this will be a CD I will from now on return to over and over again….few missteps…but overall a triumph!!!!

****3/4 out of 5

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