Tom DeLonge/To The Stars…..Demos, Odds And Ends

To the Stars... Demos, Odds and EndsTo the Stars… Demos, Odds and Ends (often shortened to To the Stars) is the debut studio album by Tom DeLonge. It was released on April 21, 2015 (following his departure from Blink-182 in January 2015) through DeLonge’s multimedia company also titled To the Stars.[1] The album To the Stars is said to contain tracks from DeLonge’s “personal stash,”[1] which may include somere-recorded[citation needed] demos for Blink-182’s cancelled 2015 studio album.[2][3] The album also contains tracks originally intended for Angels and Airwaves.[4] The eight-song album was released on vinyl, CD and digital formats.

The Analysis—-

New World—-Obviously, a track for Blink that was not recorded. This lacks the huge Angels & Airwaves sound….the recording is under produced and is missing the whine that DeLonge is known for. This is far more aggressive than other material he has produced as of late. I don’t always like this track…depends on the day…lol. I’m not disappointed….but I don’t agree with the grasping of straws to make a new release.

An Endless Summer—-This is better for me….that bigger sound…with the huge feel seems much more intact. The voice seems pushed way to the rear of the musical mix….leaning on pure unproduced demo. The voice really kicks in and makes me smile…I truly love Angels so much…so when I get that hint of that sound…I walk around with a smile on my face…happy as I can be.

Suburban Kings—-There you go again Tom…with that shuffle beat and the blips and beeps….the whine of the vocal…the warm feeling that makes me secretly smile to myself. This is almost damn brilliant. The chorus is a huge affair that makes me feel so solitary…happy and huge. This takes over my whole body…if this is a demo….damn I want to hear the finished affair…I might die!!! I fuckin’ love this!!!

The Invisible Parade—-With an acoustic intro, the song seems to find an introspective Tom…..the vocal is so rough though…unpolished and somewhat out of tune…making me wonder why the rush to release this stuff before properly being finished. No doubt…I DO NOT hate this…but it is not the quality I have come to expect from this almost genius man….I wish this was better recorded.

Circle-Jerk-Pit—-Electric….aggressive and 100% pure punk rock. Wow…I was blown away the first time I heard this. The voice is strong as fuck…the urgency is crazy and the speed of the music is like Blink was when they began all of those years ago….Take a note Billie Armstrong…this is punk rock!!!

Landscapes—-Filled with a space feel and atmosphere, I think about the first time I ever heard Angels & Airwaves…that build up in every song as you waited for it to begin…this is that classic type of song….except it never really gets off the ground….I think this was all a way to get people to buy an idea that was not really there.

Animals—-With a heavier bass-line, this has a certain feel to it that never really seems to come to form. I think this track has clear high points…the overlay ed large sound of the vocal at times…but the whole damn thing sounds so unfinished…I expect such quality from Tom…I’m left feeling rather empty….

Golden Showers—-Urgency and a damn happy energetic feel….this has a redeeming quality to the misfit matches that made up this lackluster mini CD….I like the speed…the familar voice…but overall…I’m left feeling damn empty and disappointed!

*** out of 5

Best Coast/California Nights

California Nights

Best Coast is an American rock duo formed in Los Angeles, California in 2009. The band consists of songwriter, guitarist and vocalist Bethany Cosentino and guitarist and multi-instrumentalist Bobb Bruno. Cosentino, a former child actress, began writing music as a teenager and was formerly a member of the experimentalist drone group Pocahaunted. After a brief tenure at college inNew York City, Cosentino returned to the West Coast and began recording lo-fi demos with Bruno, whom she met in the Los Angeles music scene.

After a string of 7-inch and cassette-only singles, the band signed to Mexican Summer, who issued the band’s debut, Crazy for You, in 2010. Crazy for You became an unexpected commercial success following Internet buzz surrounding the duo. Best Coast added a touring drummer, Ali Koehler of Vivian Girls, and spent much of 2011 on the road for festival appearances and tour dates. Best Coast’s sophomore effort, The Only Place, was released in 2012 and featured a cleaner sound than their previous releases. In 2013, the duo released an EP, Fade Away, and their third studio album, California Nights, is currently set for release on May 4, 2015.

The Analysis—-

Feeling OK—-With a simple guitar line to begin the track, the band kicks into full form by the second bar, The familiar guitar jangle is there…and the vocal is warm and comforting. The track is a bit noisier than i anticipated…some of the beach vibe from early releases gone and a fuzzier approach is more evident. Really a nice sound with the guitar line though!

Fine Without You—-This track is introduced with a lot more urgency and pace. The vocal is pretty stellar…overlayed and giving you back that almost 50’s sound that reminds me of what I term Beach Music. This is very 80’s influenced…damn catchy and pleasant.

Heaven Sent—-A huge Alternative sound introduces this track and there is a sudden speed to the line pick-up that takes me aback. The vocal is incredible…reminding me of the best retro girl groups that were yesteryear heroes. This is fantastic…melodic…fast and anything but boring! I’m very pleased!!!!

In My Eyes—-Fuzzy with a familiar guitar line running through the belly of the song, the vocal is a bit more straight forward and less retro. The song has a bit of noise travelling through the underbelly of it. This release is much more aggressive than previous releases….but when that chorus hits… will just say WOW!!

So Unaware—-Wonderfully jangly and with layered vocals, this is right back to the retro sound of the band that made me fall in love to begin with. This is so throwback….but delivered with a modern day urgency that it manages to sound brand new and fresh. I just love this beach pop movement that has surfaced in recent years!

When Will I Change—-Musically a bit darker…..but that damn vocal enters and seems to brighten everything up. The high jangle of the guitar is so in tune with the voice…it is like a well oiled machine working together. This is perfect pop music with a nice Indie lean…you have to hear this CD!!!

Jealousy—-Wonderfully retro with a huge jangle of guitars, this is just about pure perfect pop mastery. The lyrics are serious…but almost manage to take on a fun edge with the happy feel of the music…this is mastery….I would really love to catch this band live!

California Nights—- Darker and with more fuzz,  the subtle drug references surprise me a bit. The voice has a slight sadness with a tinge around the edge that makes me a bit down. The song is very full…the instrumentation seems to be layer on top of layer…creating a huge song that although heavier in content is very pleasant to the palate. This is a favorite…I guess because it sounds so different than expected.

Fading Fast—-Returning to a more traditional and expected sound, this is fun..poppy and with a happy tinge. Have no doubt though…this is not a happy song….only a handful of bands can take serious topics and apply them to a happy soundtrack and pull it off. I do love the layered vocals….wondering ho it will play live though.

Run Through My Head—-Full of static and fuzz at the onset, the song brightens up with the familiar jangle. This is brilliant….a sad break-up song that sounds so damn happy and easy to swallow. How does this happen. The dual vocals are classic 50’s sounding beach pop….this is almost perfect!

Sleep Won’t Ever Come—-Damn brilliant from the very first note….the fuzz combines with the vocal to build a huge song. The voices seem to double and triple at certain places in the track.,,,,,this is not a happy song….but damn it is pleasant as hell…..a certain contradiction.

Wasted Time—-Ending this release with a subtle and stripped down sound, the layers of vocals give the track much more body than it actually has. This is pretty…intense and a perfect way to close out a damn stellar release. I will have this on heavy rotation all summer long.

****1/2 out of 5

My Morning Jacket/The Waterfall [Deluxe Edition]

The Waterfall (Deluxe)My Morning Jacket is an American rock band from Louisville, Kentucky. The band consists of Jim James (singer-songwriter, guitarist), Tom ‘Two-Tone Tommy’ Blankenship (bassist), Patrick Hallahan (drummer), Carl Broemel (guitarist, pedal steel guitarist, saxophonist, vocalist), and Bo Koster (keyboardist, percussionist, vocalist).

The Analysis—-

Believe [Nobody Knows]—-This release has been a long time coming…and from the first words from Jim I feel elated. The entire track is typical of MMJ….sedate and building to a huge elated chorus that offers a stellar vocal…a slight fuzz and a huge drum line. This is a wonderful return….just incredible.

Compound Fracture—-Beginning with a nice drum line, the music is a higher and clearer sounding than the previous track. Jim James delivers that incredible high clear vocal of his while the rest of the band bolsters the track with background voices. The song sways nicely…allowing you to lose yourself in a summer daydream as it continues…this is a great landscapes for sun worshiping

Life Is A River—-.With a gentle and introspective guitar intro, the voice follows with a clear and beautiful tale. The song really does seem to transport you to a flowing river and it is again so easy to lose yourself in the beauty of this band. This is classic, wonderful…understated yet powerful.

In It’s Infancy [The Waterfall]—-A huge cymbal crash ushers in the track…with what seems like layers of music running underneath the whole thing. A fuzzy guitar ushers in the lower ranged vocal…reminding me of the class Monsters Of Folk CD. This is laid back and breezy….just about perfect.

Get The Point—-A lone acoustic guitar bring in the track and the voice is laid back and relaxed. You get line after line of lyrics that make you ponder life and the meaning of the whole dam thing. This seems to be a poignant love song to some person or the other as the relationship comes to a close. There is a nice Alt-Country feel to the track…with the steel guitar wobbling in the backdrop….another beautiful track.

Spring [Among The Living]—-Sticking true to the majority sound of this release, this track manages to pick up the pace a bit….bringing back a bit of instrumental noise that has been missing from the last few tracks. The voice seems pushed to the back of the mix…letting the music really take over your ears. This is nice.

Thin Line—-With a huge guitar line ushering in a lazy drum line, this track is wavy and relaxed. The upper register is back and sounds as stellar as ever. The drum line is pushed forward…always i your ear…even over the joined voices that combine to create a huge wall of sound. This is classic stuff….

Big Decisions—-Beginning with a low hum, the track quiets a moment…but in a second springs back to life with big guitars and an ever present drum line. The band is at it’s best when all the voices come together, and this is no exception. there is still that Country steel guitar whine in the background…rounding out the song like only this band can do…well worth the wait.

Topics—-Returning to a smaller and more intimate sound, this track has a most beautiful guitar line running through the center of the track. It takes an almost painful period of time for the vocal to emerge…but it eventually does and it is worth the wait. This song is quieter but manages to sound huge…..the mood swings are impeccable…a triumph.

Only Memories Remain—-Sedate and with a slight blues tinge to the track, this is stark and rather brilliant. The lyrics are just classic….making you think about the meaning of every word…because they are crystal clear and concise. I love this band..they have never let me down.

Hillside Song [Bonus Track]—-Stark and incredibly beautiful at the onset, this is Alt-Country at its finest. The vocal is so far to the front of the mix. This is beautifully simple but is so damn powerful….a classic track that is just stellar. This is quiet and wonderfully comforting.

Compound Fracture [Remix]—-Beefing up the sound a bit, this stays true to the original mix for the most part. The main guitar line seems moved up further into the mix but it really just seems to be filler to coerce consumers to buy the Deluxe Edition. I’m not mad though!!1

I Can’t Wait [Bonus Track]—-Gentle and introspective, the vocal seems overlay-ed and beefier to me. The instrumentation is fairly stark…relying mainly on percussion to balance everything out. This is right there with the Alt-Country feel of most of the release and it is one of my favorites on this CD.

Only Memories Remain [Remix]—-Even more stripped down and stark than the original version, this really does transport you somewhere else n your mind. The added vocals add layers and layers to the emotion of the song…this is just beautiful…simple yet very complicated.

***** out of 5

Mumford & Sons/Wilder Mind [Deluxe Edition]

Wilder Mind

Mumford & Sons are a British rock band from London, England, formed in 2007. The band consists of Marcus Mumford (lead vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, drums), Ben Lovett (vocals, keyboard, piano, synthesizer), Winston Marshall (vocals, electric guitar, banjo) and Ted Dwane (vocals, bass guitar, double bass).

Mumford & Sons have released three studio albums: Sigh No More (2009), Babel[1] (2012) and Wilder Mind (2015). Sigh No Morepeaked at number two on the UK Albums Chart and the Billboard 200 in the US, with Babel and Wilder Mind both debuting at number one in the UK and US, the former becoming the fastest-selling rock album of the decade[2][3] and leading to a headline performance at Glastonbury Festival in 2013. The band have also issued two live albums: Live at Shepherd’s Bush Empire (2011) and The Road to Red Rocks (2012).

The band have won a number of music awards throughout their career, with Sigh No More earning the band the Brit Award for Best British Album in 2011 and six overall Grammy Award nominations. The live performance at the 2011 Grammy ceremony with Bob Dylan and The Avett Brothers led to a surge in popularity for the band in America. The band received eight total Grammy nominations for Babel and won the Grammy Award for Album of the Year. The band also won the Brit Award for Best British Group in 2013.

The Analysis—-

Tompkins Square Park—-Yes….this is a departure from this bands trademark sound…it is immediate and evident with the first strains of this opening song. The lyrics and the blended vocals are perfectly intact though. This is such a pleasant song….reminding me of a beefier Coldplay. This track s addictive and catchy as hell….Sometimes change is great!

Believe—-Wow…..sounding more airy and Chris Martin filled than Chris Martin himself. This has a bot more of an electric feel that resonated with me from the first listen. The song quiets…and then grows with the best emotional power….making me think and ponder the words. This is wonderful! The guitars are nicely understated…the accent shows up here and there….really is growing on me.

The Wolf—Muscular and electric right out of the gate, this track has a pleasant rolling guitar line that is sedate but beefy. It seems as if all the voices are at work on this track…giving it a huge feel…this is really different than past recordings…but you have to respect the hell out of this band for changing things up.

Wilder Mind—-A really nice guitar intro that almost chugs along s accompanied by an airy sound that must be a keyboard! The vocal is intense…the words layered with a darkness that makes you a bit sad. When the voices combine to sing together the track takes on a nice Alt-Country feel to it…..a triumph!

Just Smoke—-For me, this is just brilliant right out of the gate. The voice has not changed much with the sound of the music. The sadness that creeps in the lines is intense. The chorus is huge…hand-claps and all..this song is sad, joyous, inspiring and damn pleasant.

Monster—-The more I continue to listen to this release the more it really grows on me. Once you get past the different sound, you begin to embrace the pure musicianship and lyricism that makes up this band. If they are able to continue to mix things up, their career will be along storied one…this is a high point!

Snake Eyes—-Even more sedate than imaginable, this is beautifully constructed with a gentle quiet that suddenly chugs to life during the 2nd bar. The song just seems to grow larger and larger as it develops….becoming a nice centerpiece for this damn near perfect record!

Broad-Shouldered Beasts—-Stripped down and bare at the onset, the voice is so upfront in my headphones. The music is minimalist…allowing you to catch every sad word that is uttered by Mumford. This is a beautiful piano driven ballad that has one of the biggest choruses on the entire release….and then slows to a whisper just as quick. Gives the song a ghost quality that gives me goose-bumps!

Cold Arms—-Although a bit quiet, there is still a nice electric element that runs through the under belly of the song. The baritone soars with the instrumented inflection….giving the song a sad and ghostly feel…this is damn brilliant!

Ditmas—-Waking up and becoming a huge electric track that is muscular and almost fun. The lyrics are pensive and introspective…but the music has an urgency that drives the entire thing along at a great pace. This is one of the best tracks on this release….big and meaty!

Only Love—-Sad and silent….reminding me of some gem or the other from Springsteen’s Nebraska release. Then the voices all come together amid the almost silent air and the track becomes a magically beautiful composition that makes you tingle with some happiness as well. This is music!

Hot Gates—-Rounding out the proper release with this track, the release ends much as it began…with a quiet refreshing sound. The voices all blend together…making this band so cohesive. I love the drawl that is almost present on the refrains…..the music builds nicely…but never really explodes as I expected. The entire release left a most excellent taste in my mouth.

Bonus Tracks: Tompkins Square Park/Believe/The Wolf/Snake Eyes—-All the live tracks included on this edition are pretty clear cut and true to the recorded versions. The sound is a bit more muscular and the music moves a bit faster…but all of these so called bonus tracks were not necessary…..just a reason to charge 2 bucks more for the release!

****1/2 out of 5

Kate Pierson/Guitars And Microphones

Guitars & Microphones

Catherine Elizabeth “Kate” Pierson (born April 27, 1948) is an American vocalist, lyricist, and one of the lead singers and founding members of The B-52’s. A multi-instrumentalists, she played guitar, bass and various keyboard instruments. In the B-52s, she has performed alongside Cindy Wilson, Fred Schneider, Ricky Wilson, and Keith Strickland.

In February 2015, Pierson released her first solo album, Guitars and Microphones, featuring material co-written by Sia Furler.

The Analysis—-

Throw Down The Roses—-It is almost impossible to differentiate Kate from her ‘other band’…but she really grabs the horse by the reins with this one and delivers a great opening track. Keeping hold of the beach sound and he fun that she has always done, this song seems rather huge. It is fun…energetic…yet emotional…almost like she is declaring her independence….this is brilliant.

Mister Sister—-Regardless of what anyone says or even Kate says herself…this is a transgender anthem if I have ever heard one. This has a musical track that is energy you cant escape and a message that is clear. This is a brilliant song….I loved it from the moment I heard it….I’ve never worn a dress…but I might now…..just kidding!

Guitars And Microphones—- With a fantastic xylophone intro that gives way to a surf sound to form the song, Pierson enters with that distinctive vocal that stays in your brain. This is wonderfully catchy, energetic and better than anything the ‘other band’ has managed n some years. This vocal travels too….she can sing pretty damn fast!

Crush Me With Your Love—- From the very first few notes, you know this is going to be brilliant. The song has a minimal sound but there is not much additive needed when you have that voice. This has layers, emotion and a message that is meaningful. This is so much fun…I love this CD….it’s about time we get this…now its Cindy’s turn!!!

Bottoms Up—-With a revved up type of musical delivery, this song is a little flat for me. I like the double layered vocal …it tends to pump up the production a bit. The chorus is fun.,,,but this is neither here nor there for me.

Bring Your Arms—-Written with powerhouse Sia, and indeed…..this has that sound all over it….I think this may be my favorite track on this release. It is full…layered with backdrop vocals…a minimal instrumentation that fits the mood of the song…this is damn brilliant!

Wolves—-The voice is there before you hear the slightest sound of music. This is stark and intense…perhaps the closest you will come to a love song from Kate. this is beautiful and layered with emotion…also involved by Sia…so the message does not deviate from the aforementioned artist music….but Pierson does make it her own…this is a wonderful wonderful song….I will listen to this over and over.

Matrix—-Still a bit downbeat, but returning to a more fun feel. The last half of this CD seems like it might be a catharsis of Kate…allowing her to free herself from some demons…isn’t that what music does though…whether you listen or create….MUSIC MATTERS!

Time Wave Zero—-Back into the pure fun filled force that drove the B-52’s. This track is full of references to stars…outer space and things I don’t really understand…how brilliant though. The double tracked vocal makes this delivery huge…I adore this…..not a negative to say….reminds me of 6060842…..

Pull You Under—-Wow……fuckin wow…..Pierson delivers a 50’s inspired song that lends the talents of her voice in an almost magical way…this is a brilliant closer….reminding you that talent goes much further than singing back-up for a band. This is wonderfully beautiful, contagious and an example that we need more!!!

**** out of 5

The National/The National

The National is an American indie rock band formed in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States, in 1999, and currently based in Brooklyn. The band’s lyrics, which have been described as “dark, melancholy and difficult to interpret”,[1] are written and sung by Matt Berninger, a baritone. The band’s music is composed and performed by Aaron Dessner (guitar and keyboard), Bryce Dessner(guitar), Scott Devendorf (bass) and Bryan Devendorf (drums). The band has recorded six studio albums; the most recent, Trouble Will Find Me, was released in May 2013 and was nominated in the 2014 Grammys for Best Alternative Album.

The Analysis—-

Beautiful Head—-Beginning beautifully quiet and then opening up to a beautiful jangly guitar and that wonderfully seductive baritone voice. The words come with so many messages…making you truly ponder the story that is being told.The track is a beautiful example of the stripped down talent of this band…..just wonderful!

Cold Girl Fever—-Even more upbeat musically, the voice is still pained and beautiful. The slight female backdrop harmony allows for a wonderfully sad setting. This is a brilliant debut release….so promising and intense…..I have listened to this a hundred times or so…and it always sounds fresh and new to me.

The Perfect Song—-A quiet sedate guitar strums out the song…the vocal seems to be pushed back and somehow muted. Out of the silence, the song slowly opens up into a beautiful almost Alt-Country song that makes me smile and sad at the same time. Just remarkable.

American Mary—-This is the song I cut my National teeth on…and I fell in love immediately. The gentleness of the story…the dark edge to a love entity…the beautiful music…it comes together and creates a perfect storm of immaculate beauty. This is classic Americana….when the chorus opens up….you are swept away in emotion.

Son—-With little instrumental introduction, this tale begins right from the gate. The song is stripped and bare…more sparse than the best Springsteen. I love when the chorus kicks in and the song opens up a bit but never looses the intensity of the solitary introduction. This is damn brilliant.

Pay For Me—-With a tad bit of a more almost rock-a-billy feel, this is a pleasant more upbeat tome that fits with the rest of this release perfectly. The tales that are told are complicated…but make you think….just as music should do. The noise in the middle of the track is a nice surprise…..this is great!

Bitters & Absolute—-Stark and with an edge of loneliness…the dual vocals are just incredible….making me want to find a nice bar to toss back a few and revisit Americana. This is wonderfully stark…but full of layers and emotion. I just love this record…damn.

John’s Star—-With an almost sludgy feel to the intro, this reminds me of working class people, factories and the Midwest. The landscape of the music takes you right back to the Rust Belt of America…normal people with extraordinary feelings making fantastic music.

Watching You Well—-Stark and brilliant…with the slight whine of as steel guitar and a simple drum to lead the way. The joint vocals provide a wave of emotional sounds that transport me….allow me to gaze off at the sky and take me somewhere else. This is just fantastic!!!!

Many Of The Crows—-Simple…..yet layered with lines of emotion. The baritone that is so familiar now…stretches some and makes you feel even more desolate….this is wonderfully layered with an urgency and anger that never crosses the line…but lets you feel every word…

29 Years—-Stark with a very different vocal delivery….almost a spoken word story put to minimalist music…the result is a throwback to an era long gone…when music was more than noise or beats…but a story and a message.

Anna Freud—-Simplistic yet carrying a story that many people have probably never even heard of before. You see…that is brilliance….what a classic way to end a beautiful, beautiful composition.

***** out of 5 [!!!!!] 

Bleachers/Strange Desire

Bleachers is an American indie pop act based in New York City that was formed by Jack Antonoff, of Steel Train and Fun. Their first single, “I Wanna Get Better“, was released February 18, 2014.

The Analysis—-

Wild Heart—-Wonderfully minimal at the onset, this is a layered and beautiful intro to this release. The vocal is a bit pushed to the back of the mix…but it is still very much intact. Not that entirely different from Fun, this song opens up at the chorus and becomes much larger than you thought possible. This will land in your forehead and stay there…requiring listen after listen. This is wonderfully 80’s inspired…with a sound that makes me think of Ultravox….right up my alley!

Roller Coaster—-Well… can’t get more 80’s inspired than this. This is freakin’ brilliant…the mood..the synth…the sway of the music. The huge chorus…this is just magnificent….the voice is familiar enough to make you comfortable…the music is current but retro….giving you everything you need. When the chorus hits…you WILL join in on the sing-a-long affair!

Shadow—-I hate to be repetitive….but this is so brilliantly retro…you can’t escape the memories of carefree youth and wild abandon. Ths makes me want to celebrate…sing at the top of my lungs and celebrate the day that has turned into summer. This is fantastic…so much great music  have lying around I have never heard…this is a prime example.

I Wanna Get Better—-With a huge pano intro that is full of static, this lead off single is just fantastic. The lyrics come at you so rapid fire it will be hard to keep up….but the urgency matches the music incredibly well. When the chorus hits…jeez…you will be swept up in the entire mood…this is freaking brilliant! I love this CD!!!!

Wake Me—-With a nice downbeat feel to the intro of the song, this is pure pop mastery…making me happy even though the music is less than cheerful. This is brilliantly layered with a guitar that is jangly….but with a bass line that portrays the seriousness of the song. This is so well constructed……the chorus is quiet and painful……you will be swept up with the first listen.

Reckless Love—-Full throttle back to the 80’s….a vocal that reminds me of Phillip Oakey from The Human League….a wonderfully textured synth sound. This is a damn brilliant release….why have i had this sitting around for all these months and never listened to it….I’m disappointed with myself. This is almost like a continuous orgasm for me…reminding me of all the things I loved most about the 80’s….a true triumph.

Take Me Away—-Deviating a bit from most of the tracks thus far, this sounds much more like aforementioned band FUN than the rest of the material….which is not a bad thing. This song has a huge chorus and a hook that stays with you for a very long time…this is damn brilliant. The female vocal gives the song a heavier, larger sound…there are few faults found with this entire affair.

Like A River Runs—-With a jangly U2 style guitar, the intro and first bars of this songs promises it to be huge….and you will not feel disappointed. This is incredibly huge and retro….giving me goosebumps with the lazy, comfortable vocal….the lines and words come easy…the combined vocals are fantastic! I love this shit!!!

You’re Still A Mystery—-This sounds so like Ultravox……damn. The staccato beat and the smooth minimal vocal is just incredible. I can’t find enough words to portray how pleasing this entire CD is to the palate that I have refined when it comes to 80’s styled music. This is brilliant…happy…..sad….deep…fun……all in three minutes!

Ready To Move On—-This is a misstep for me…the song seems to disjointed and unorganized to me. The female vocal is out of place for me and lent nothing to a great instrumentation……it can’t be perfect…right?

Who I Want You To Love—-Ending the release a bit downbeat…but still leaving a great taste in my brain….this will be a CD I will from now on return to over and over again….few missteps…but overall a triumph!!!!

****3/4 out of 5