Ov Hell/The Underworld Regime

Ov Hell is a Norwegian black metal supergroup started by Shagrath and King ov Hell in 2009. The band’s debut album, The Underworld Regime, was released in Feb. 2010.

The Analysis—-

Devil’s Harlot—-The very second you oush play, this band commences to rip your head off…the familiar sound of the vocal from Shagrath makes me smile…I love that man. He sounds even more aggressive and driven than anytime in the past 10 years with Dimmu. It is hard to catch all of the lyrics…but the intense delivery tells the tale. The drums are immaculate…the guitars are a wall of sound….and the mood is diabolical….nice for a sunny Georgia afternoon!

Invocker—-There is little time to catch your breath before the journey continues with a death scream from the mouth of the North. The music is so schizophrenic that you hold on to the top of your head…there is a nice underlying melody though…it shows this was not just thrown together. The song even has a rather addictive chorus…it will stick with you…many did not care for this release…I still listen and love it….

Post Modern Sadist—-This track is huge…..with a classic metal jangle that drives and drives until you feel like your head might explode. The vocal is full of evil tones that make me smile. There are nice mood shifts in the music…a rhythm that is remarkable despite the evil undertones of the sing….I adore this recording…..I only wish Dimmu would do something….like tomorrow already….This is a masterpiece of a song! The drums are jst incredible….the production…immaculate!

Perpetual Night—-With a nice wolf intro [lol] what else would you expect except mayhem to ensue. Shagrath actually delivers a few almost clean vocals in and out of the song…but the familiar growl is the most prominent as you would expect. This is a driving track….that sounds amazingly like everything else on the release…but I will take it…the drums…so damn fast…makes my heart feel like it will burst…the bass guitar is loaded with speed…this is fantastic!!!

Ghosting—-With a almost funeral sound at the onset, the track has a downshift guitar sound that reminds me of classic Black Sabbath…..the delivery is slow…deep and intense. I love the added thunder…and then the the rhythm section kicks in with a nice twin movement that reminds me of swaying guitarists and fan blown hair. Shagrath delivers a vocal that seems pushed way back in the mix by the production…allowing the guitars to be right in your face…this falters a tad…but fits in with everything incredibly well.

Act Of Sin—-With an incredibly confusing beginning to this song, I am unimpressed by the under production of this song…it sounds like it was recorded in a metal barn or something. All of the urgency and quality is lost because the song sounds like crap…wonder what happened with this….I hate the hollow and desolate sound of the entire thing….humph!

Krisgate Faner—-With a better production sound, this is a rather huge and urgent sounding track….I just love this shit.The vocals are muscular and sound layered…giving the whole damn affair an aggressive and HUGE sound. The guitars are blazing through this entire track…..sending the downshifts into a shaft of descending hell that is accentuated by the vocal that is formed of evil and disgust….a perfect recipe!

Hill Norge—-Beginning with a somewhat abstract sound, the release ends with pure mayhem as the song progresses. This has such a driving force to the guitars and drums that I almost salivate for more songs…I’m sorry to see the entire thing wind down. The vocal is mundane…Shagrath rarely offers anything new…just the familiar…which somehow seems to work perfectly for me…say what you will about this offshoot band…..they have satisfied me a great deal!

**1/2 out of 5

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