Dragonforce/Maximum Overload

DragonForce is a British power metal band based in London, England. Formed in 1999, the group is known for its long and fastguitar solos, fantasy-based lyrics, and electronic sounds in their music to add to their retro video game-influenced sound. As of August 2014, DragonForce have released six studio albums, one live album and one demo.

The Analysis—-

The Game—-Is there anything to complain about Dragonforce…..well yes…consistency. There seems from the onset no progression with the band except for the occasional nu-metal growls provided by Trivium vocalist Tim Healey. The new vocalist is nice…but lacks that diversity of the past. This track does have a REALLY nice melodic break in the middle of the song…that helps to keep my interest. The spped of the playing is still there…but we know by now that this band is capable of that….this is a slight rehash…but the release is early in the listen….lets see…..

Tomorrow’s Kings—-Although the track begins much as you would expect, the content is a bit different to me. I find this song rather pleasing to my ears…there is a great melody line that runs through the whole damn thing…in fact it is rather addicting. I love the sharp and swift chord changes…that has always been one of my attractions to this band. This is indeed progressive metal. I really, really like this song….it will stick to your brain!!!

No More—-The onset of this song has a deeper bass sound that is refreshing…but it quickly gives way to the more predictable sound. The new vocalist fits the band well….what the hell happened to the other one anyways? The whole band joining in on the chorus is pretty much classic 80’s metal isn’t it? I think the drummer is pretty incredible…he could play with the best of the best Death bands…he is no joke….but overall…this track is filler…they will get the footing back I’m sure.

Three Hammers—-At the onset……I immediately think that this has a slight blues sound to it….much in the vein of NWOBHM bands. The acoustic guitar enters in and I say….is this the predictable ballad that Dragonforce always seems to have? No…it is another Viking song! But damn….that guy hits some notes that are pretty fucking brilliant…..I won’t give up on these guys quite yet…this is a pretty masterful composition…the delivery is really awesome…I can forgive the content for the vocal!

Symphony Of The Night—-Ohhhh…..this is way slower and forlorn…..Dragonforce records…..oh wait…here we go….everything wakes up like Spring!!!! This is pretty damn nice…..the melody and double vocal tracks are really superb. I will have this damn song in my head for days I bet. The guitars at times seem a bit muddled…but how can I complain…to play at this speed must be damn exhausting….this is a stellar and favorite track!

The Sun Is Dead—–Right out of the gate…….LET’S GO!!!!! No rest for the wicked as the guitars literally sing. Te voice enters and takes you on yet another journey. This whole track has a positive feel to it for me…it makes me feel almost happy and energized. The backing vocals give the song a fuller feeling…never taking away from the soar of the lead that we are accustomed to….this is not stellar…but don’t throw it away either!!!

Defenders—-Almost sounding like machine guns, the guitars attack you from the moment the song begins….this is stellar…the vocal is pushed to the limit it seems….almost soaring as high as the guitars. This is another rather medieval themed track…but such is this band. I can’t complain about this vocalist…..while he sounds different…he fits with the band rather majestically. I really like this…the melody has a hook that will stay with you…classic 80’s metal re-incarnated.Some nice mood shifts in the music…keeps the song interesting…..I’m not bored yet!

Extraction Zone—- Moving faster than the speed of light from the onset, this is another track that has really grown on me…it is more aggressive at times than you would expect. The instrumentation seems more beefier and pumped up…although the speed never diminishes….this is stellar….damn….I gotta pull out the other releases now and re-introduce myself!

City Of Gold—-Rounding out the ‘proper’ release…much as it started…..fast and progressive…..I again….by the end of this listen…forget the vocalist was ever different. This is fast……and is formed nicely…reminding me of the first time I ever heard this band….I really did fall in love with this band back in the day…fell out because everything sounded alike…this is a bit more varied than I expected. I really like this track also…it has that sing-a-long quality…..I’m in love all over again.

Ring Of Fire—-Go figure….but the ole Johnny Cash recipe works….this is a much faster version…but damn do I love it….almost as well as Social Distortion. They do a pretty masterful version…..this is incredible…..damnnnnnnn!!!!

****1/2 out of 5

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