Steelheart is a rock band based in Norwalk, Connecticut. Formed in 1990, the band is fronted by vocalist Miljenko Matijevic.

The Analysis—-

Love Ain’t Easy—-Right out of the gate, you are smacked with the classic sounds of many hair metal bands….what is different is the incredible vocal. The soaring screams die to a regular tone at the drop of a hat. The sing a long chorus which includes the rest of the band is catchy as hell…I love the intermittent gallop of the guitars and the slight blues infusion….fantastic.

Can’t Stop Me Lovin’ You—- Another classic sounding track that brings back more than a few memories. The blues infusion from the guitar section is incredible…it gives the song a ‘dirty’ feel. The vocal is nice….some nice soaring vocals here and there…this guy could really scream. When the chorus smacks you in the forehead…it stays there.

Never Before—-Dirty and filled with a heavy blues infusion. The musicianship from this band was incredible…but of course…it was always the vocal that kept things fantastic. I mourned the end of this band…just because I loved the screams so much….and the way he could hold a note!!! Just incredible.

Never Let You Go—-Perhaps this bands best known track and for good reason. The vocal histrionics are literally breathtaking…the song is full of emotion…fantastic guitars and of course a vocal that will go down in history. Did you know this vocalist recorded all the vocals for the film Rock Star? This track screams for long hair and fans blowing it during a video shoot!

Everybody Love Eileen—-I have always like this track quite a bit as well…although the vocals are more down to earth, it is just a fun song to me. The double guitar attack gives the song a really big feel. I like the occasional growl that is emitted….even though I swear it says Irene when he sings….lol.

Sheila—-Down and dirty southern feel to this song…my least favorite on this release. I have never been a fan of Southern rock…..I surrender!!!

Gimme Gimme—-Returning to a full of guitar attack with this track, it has ‘hair metal’ written all over it. At times it makes me think of Warrant. The song is not bad…not a favorite…just adequate filler. The sing a long chorus saves the song as it sticks in your brain for a bit…..

Rock N’ Roll—-Again with those super human screams….the music on the track moves at a pretty damn fast pace which surprised me. The song still has a southern edge to it…but the inclusion of the whole band on the chorus makes it fun….and of course…those screams….there is even a nice drum break before the guitar solo.

She’s Gone—-Following the ‘hair band’ recipe….another ballad to balance out the release. This track is phenomenal…the soaring guitars take you someplace else in your headphones. The sentiment is something we can all relate to…when the song reaches it’s climax….you are blown away….the build-up is worth it.

Down & Dirty—-Ending the release on a strong note, I really miss these guys after re-visiting this CD. The vocal is strong right out of the gate…the band was so tight. The chorus involves everyone…giving the track a huge sound. A great end to the release.

****1/2 out of 5

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