Gary Numan/Jagged—-Live

Jagged Live is a live album by English musician Gary Numan. The album was released in 2007 by Mortal Records and is a recording of Numan’s concert of 18 March 2006 at the London Forum. The show was the official launch of the new studio album,Jagged, which was released a few days before.[1]

The CD is an exclusive fan club release via Townsend Records.[1] A DVD of the concert was also released.

Gary Numan (born Gary Anthony James Webb on 8 March 1958) is an English singer, composer, and musician. Most widely known for his chart-topping 1979 hits “Are ‘Friends’ Electric?” (as Tubeway Army) and “Cars“, Numan achieved his peak of mainstream popularity in the late 1970s and early 1980s, but maintains a loyal cult following.[1]

Numan, whose signature sound consists of heavy synthesizer hooks fed through guitar effects pedals, is considered a pioneer of commercial electronic music.

The Analysis—-

Intro—-The intro to this release is much like any Numan show…..atmospheric and dark with screams of adoration from the die hard fans that have embraced him for close to 40 years…I am indeed one of those people. I will not hide the fact…I have loved this man through thick and thin…the sucess and the horrible releases…..he just gets better and better…if you don’t know him….go find him!!!!

Pressure—-As the intro finishes and Gary enters the stage, the crowd literally erupts in an almost orgasmic release of energy…..Numan fans are like no other. The music that is emitted is remarkably true to the studio release of this CD…the technology that Gary almost prayed for. The voice enters….it is empty yet emotional…you feel pain and hurt…elation and despair..this is remarkable after all of these years….this man can do no wrong. The NIN inspired sounds are huge and all encompassing…the recording is immaculate….there is little to be disappointed with. The tale of hurt and alienation is perfect!

Fold—-One song is seamless into the next as the journey of this original recording continues….Gary is in top voice…you feel every word that he delivers. His tales of disdain for God and his lack of immediate happiness are all over this release. This is a remarkable recording….continuing to go on the journey that he has created with the last 4 studio releases. This is comforting….sad…but it is incredible all at the same time…this is wonderful.

Halo—-The elation of the crowd is all over this recording…you can’t deny the fan adulation. The song begins as ypou would expect…..delivering a muscular live feel to as opposed to the studio release. The machines that Numan has always embraced do not let him down…this is a standout on this release…the tales of alienation never grow old…the disdain for God is all over…but the whine of the voice portrays a pain that you can’t ignore…this is just incredible…..I smile through his pain…is that wrong?

Slave—-Again….the show is like a seamless CD that goes from one track to the other…the creaks and groans that were produced in the studio are copied without fail. The bass sound lacks a bit in muscularity…but the voice comes out of the dark and puts everything in its place. Numan croons at times…screams at times and even seems to moan at times….displaying a full range of emotion that never lets you down. The song…is a let down…until the end…much like on the release…the roar of incredible anger comes through….you feel the rage and the anger…the melody though never leaves. Gary is a master….this is WHY!!!

In A Dark Place—-The atmosphere at a live Numan show is incredible…and this recording makes you feel as if you were right there. The music lacks some depth…but it never misses the replication factor. The sarcasm in some of the lines Numan delivers is not lost in the translation. When this song really opens up…you are swept in the industrial styled crashes and bangs. This is a pretty damn good replication of a CD that was never a favorite until now. Numan delivers that whine….so well live….damn he is a hero!!!

Haunted—-With a huge marching Industrial style sound at the onset, Numan delivers more of his trademark rants against faith that he cannot embrace…the huge sound of the song makes you realize the irritation and longing for something to believe in,……Numan is not an unbeliever…he just does not know what to believe in….the hurts of life distance him from faith and this song is a clear story of his hurt and indecision…this is incredible…sad but joyous…a man admitting faults…and hoping for belief….I love this man!!!

Blind—-The familiar atmosphere and introduction…as any live recording…this has never been a favorite of mine…but it is put in its place for a reason…because it shapes the story of the release….the track has always been a cold…but such is a Numan release….this makes you hurt if you listen to it at the right moment in your life…the delivery is genuine…and the masked pain is real.

Before You Want It—-With a really quiet intro, Numan continues his constant rant….which the die hard fans have come to accept…if nothing else…the man makes you think about a creator or grand master in the life realm…this never leaves me….being a person of faith….I want to sit and talk with Gary…spout about Grace and Acceptance…but he would dismiss me in a moment…still I love the questions…because we all have them….this is a fantastic release…making you question everything…him/….you…and HIM. How masterful… matters!!!

Melt—-The creaks and groans of the music…reminds you that Gary has been taking notes from Trent… This is a huge song…..God…belief….the mystery of the three beliefs….some nice female vocals in the backdrop. The whole track is seemliness preserved from the recorded copy…this is masterful…you feel the questions and the pain…the abandonment and the urge to believe in something…this is just incredible.

Scanner—-Minimalist even in its recorded version, the live redux has musch of the same feel…but there is an underlying keyboard line that keeps the whole song alive. Numan makes you want to cry sometimes…he feels a pain that you can not get to…I’m not sure where it all comes from…but it makes you embrace him even more. This is a man oon a mission of discovery…even at 54…we never stop wanting to know something about ourselves….amazing how one CD can bring out so many thoughts…

Jagged-— What begins as an almost silent end to this show…evolves into a great whispered delivery that transports you to another realm and makes you a believer of sorts…this is not a favorite track… reminds me too much of things past…but it is the closer and will make you think…as the rest of this release did…..not bad for an old guy…lol!!!!

**** out of 5

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