Cannibal Corpse/A Skeletal Domain

Cannibal Corpse is an American death metal band from Buffalo, New York. Formed in 1988, the band has released thirteen studio albums, two box sets, four video albums and one live album. The band has had little radio or television exposure throughout its career, although a cult following began to build after the release of the 1991 album Butchered at Birth, and 1992 album Tomb of the Mutilated. By 2003 they had achieved worldwide sales of one million copies for combined sales of all their albums,[1] including 558,929 in the United States, making them the all-time top-selling death metal band in the country.[2]

The members of Cannibal Corpse were originally inspired by thrash metal bands like Slayer and Kreator, as well as other death metal bands such as Morbid Angel, Autopsy and Death.[3] The band’s album art (most often by Vincent Locke) and lyrics, drawing heavily on horror fiction and horror films, are highly controversial. At different times, several countries have banned Cannibal Corpse from performing within their borders, or have banned the sale and display of original Cannibal Corpse album covers

The Analysis—-

High Velocity Impact—-I, like many ‘grindcore’ enthusiasts, waited with baited breath for this new release from the kings of the genre. At the very first notes…I knew I would not be disappointed. Of course…most of the lyrical content on these releases must be approached with a sense of humor…but the musical and vocal brutality is real as real can be. I personally love this band…this is just not noise…but has a general melody and tune that sticks in your head…and the way George can deliver his voice is unmatched…stellar beginning.

Sadistic Embodiment—-You know you are listening to CC when you hear the speed of the music, the unique squeal of the guitars and the VOICE. The content is neither here nor there…it is the energy…the brutality and the unrelenting bang of the drums and the bass guitar….perverse as it may sound…this shit makes me smile. I love this fuckin’ band.

Kill Or Become—-the lead off single from the release…if this band can have such a thing…is masterful. addictive and brutal. I have listened to this track 100 times or more and still cant catch all the lyrics…but the joy and recipe the band has met success with is all over this track. When George orders one to ‘fire up the chainsaw’….you are frightened. This is fantastic!!!

A Skeletal Domain—-The drums and doom sounding guitars that introduce this track are almost like a funeral march…the quiet and morose does not last. This is a track with a more sludge sound…but it is pure Cannibal. George has left his mark on this band and it could never be the same without him. There are some interesting backtrack vocals on this song which adds body to the sound…this is another one of those tracks I really like….it sounds really drudge at times…but sometimes travels 150 mph!

Heading Into Carnage—-Although sometimes the material from this band can seem almost repetitive, there are always new sounds being introduced to keep you interested. George delivers his trademark higher pitched yelps on this song…the first time on this release…and the guitar squeals are delivered like no other band can in this genre…they are the kings!

Murder Pact—-The musical intros never last long with this band before Corpsegrinder emerges and revels us with another tale of murderous bloody mayhem… gets repetitive…but the output from this band has slowed…so be sure to savor every bloody drop! The rhythm section emerges on this track to great effect……shake your fuckin’ head off….

Funeral Cremation—-The intro of the song is a bit surprising….more atmosphere than usual…but it is not long before mayhem ensues. This is still a bit different for me….until George lets loose. I love the way this guy can bellow….the bass line on this track is phenomenal and adds to the whole body of the song….the band alternates between speed and a slower Sabbath like drudge. This is another stellar track from this release….it will show up on some of the great songs this band has in its output…trust me. This is incredible…the layers of sound are phenomenal!

Icepick Lobotomy—-Kudos for the song title alone….then the song begins….the drums match the guitar romp perfectly. This seems like more of the same until you give the track repeated listens. This band…despite all of its controversies and disdain….really border on genius…this is why.

Vector Of Cruelty—-Beginning with a masterful marching bass line, the guitars devour that deep sound in a moments notice. The squeals appear a bit more on this track…and you can tell there are some backdrop vocals included in the studio. They only add to the fullness of the sound though…keeping the CD from becoming monotonous or the same sounding. The marching returns and lets you feel a range of emotion…this is a craft perfected! The rhythm section rules on this track.

Bloodstained Cement—-I like this track…but it seems almost like a throw away song that was put on to make the release longer. This track, for me, lacks ingenuity and passion. But it is not horrible…does that make sense?

Asphyxiate—-Delivering a horrible blood at the onset, this track has an unmistakable melody to it that this band is famous for. Make no mistake….Cannibal is not all about blood and gore…they are a unit and they can make damn addictive songs…they do this through melody and a rhythm section that is tighter than any band alive. The chorus…if you call it that…is almost addictive…go figure. I love this!

Hollowed Bodies—-Ending this long awaited release…..I hope we dont wait years again, the band delivers what it is best known for. BLOOD….MAYHEM….GORE and A VOICE FROM HELL…..can you really ask for more…I think not. There is such a distinct melody in some of these songs….if they are to stay in the underground…so be it…but more people would love them if somehow we could get more people to hear it…this is a stellar song…another favorite of mine…dont be gone to long friends!!!

**** out of 5

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